Pembroke Regatta 2016: W2 Race Report

W2 set off early on a cold windy morning for our first race of term. We had already won our first race as Robinson scratched, probably in fear of having to face us. We ended up being rather early for our division so Mark took it as the perfect opportunity to get a couple of pieces in and so we headed on to the lock. With a sub in the boat who had never done a standing start we thought we would be best practising some of those and get warmed up with some high rate work.

When the time came to race Pembroke we lined up on the start line. The countdown started but alas our Cox box did not. We began the race with only the sound of the oars in their gates and the Pembroke cox pushing the opposition on. The lack of sound made the start sequence somewhat of a challenge and as a crew we struggled to properly lengthen the stroke. We began the race rating 37 and maintained this excruciating pace for longer than any of us would have liked and becoming somewhat frantic at times. However we got it together and held off Pembroke for the first half the race pulling ahead at times before they stated to pull away from us for definite.

We may have lost but that will never take away how we worked together and never gave up. We fought until the very end that is the fighting spirit we need for a successful bumps campaign. Pembroke W2 may be 10 places ahead of us and in a different division this bumps but they should still watch out because you never know what the Well Hard ladies of MECBC are capable of.

Taine Ranaghan, Bow

Pembroke Regatta 2016: W1 Race Report

The day started out windy but clear for W1’s row up for our first race. Our spirits were high, despite the early start and we avoided the trouble of long marshalling by being in the very first race. We were set to row Caius W1, a crew that had beaten us by 10 seconds over Newnham short course the previous weekend. Nevertheless, the row up was solid and balanced with Christina stepping in to cox us for the day.

When we lined up, ready to start at the top of the reach, the wind wasn’t too strong allowing for a quick start. Off we went, with fast draws quickly into a more settled rhythm and with Caius still beside us. After the start, we kept our pressure on Caius as they slowly pulled away, but not quite passing us. As we continued down the reach, unfortunately we lost our rhythm momentarily, allowing them an advantage. But, under the bridge we gave it another big push as a crew, gaining distance and fighting until the end.

Sadly, it was a short day; back to the boathouse by 8.30am, but with a new crew including two novices, we always knew we had lots to improve on. The power was there and the drive was too, so when bumps comes I know we will be ready. Plus, we can get our revenge on Caius since they are one station behind us at bumps. Then, we won’t give them any advantage and they will just have to watch as we pull ahead!

Nadia Blackshaw, 3

Neptunes Dinner and Pembroke Regatta

Invitations to Neptunes Dinner are out! The dinner will take place on 6th February 2016. RSVP until 21st January by emailing

Pembroke Regatta will take place on the same day and we will be entering at least one MECBC/NHBC alumnae boat. Please contact Reana Maier ( if you are interested in rowing with us before Friday 22nd January.

We look forward to seeing many of you there.


Cox – Joaquina Delas Vives
S – Maria Rust
7 – Abbie Vernon
6 – Laurane Saliou
5 – Emily Busvine
4 – Manuela Gross
3 – Nadia Blackshaw
2 – Emilie Cousin
B – Kate Wilkinson
Coach – Mark Jacobs

Cox – Emily Busvine
S – Chloe Legard
7 – Simona Sulikova
6 – Fatima Baldo
5 – Elodie Burton
4 – Taine Ranaghan
3 – Heather Dudley
2 – Audrey Bellis
B – Oriane Gaillard
Coach – Robert Gardiner

Novice Crews

Cox – Rachel To
Emily Davidson
Sushmita Ramanujam
Hope Mason
Amanda Martin Sjodahl
Lilly Anger
Joanne Skinner
Tess Hopkins
Jean Wang
Hannah Yogasudram
Coaches – Simona Sulikova & Will McDermott

Cox – Fidelia Okandze
Giulia Bollen Gandolfo
Abbey Shaw
Yue Wu
Natalia Hussein
Paivi Pirhonen
Anna Gibbons
Barley Collier Harris
Felicity Parker
Mariella Brown
Juliet Skidmore
Coaches – Nadia Tsao & Olimpia O’Nelli

Cox – Joanne Skinner
Joy Brown
Yiting Lu
Hannah Adams
Clarrie Pettit
Jennifer Nelson
Sofia Akhtar
Izzy Sgambellone
Rebecca Cuthbert
Rea Duxbury
Coaches – Abbie Vernon & Maria Rust

Cox – Maria Rust
Anthea Chui
Sara Ali
Chelsea Kaandorp
Olivia Armitage
Amy McCormick
Danielle Craig
Clare Wood
Hannah Cesarani
Juliette Murphy
Linda Lin
Lisa Maria Kreusser
Coaches – Laurane Saliou & Izzy Vyvyan

Cox – Laura Day
Sree Rajeswari
Ai Chun Yeng
Yifu Wang
Zoe Ye
Kerry Salisbury
Ziyan Zhao
Rom Phastanapichai
Susannah da Silva
Linda Lin
Laura Valerie
Coaches – Heather Dudley & Chloe Legard

Results 2015-2016

Fairbairns Cup
W1- 16:57.9 – 10th overall – 9th of Cambridge colleges
W2- 19:20.0 – 32nd overall – 6th of W2s
Hermes (NW1)- 13:27.2 – 25th of NW1s – 43rd overall
Athena (NW2)- 13:44.7 – 14th of NW2s – 48th overall
Hera (NW3)- 15:44.5 – 4th of NW3s – 53rd overall

Clare Novices’ Regatta
Athena (NW2) – Lost against Darwin NW1

Emma Sprints
Hera (NW3)- lost first leg against Clare NW2, lost second leg against Homerton NW1
Hermes (NW1)- lost first leg against Emma NW1, won second leg against Trinity Hall NW1

Winter Head
W1- 2nd- 10:35- 5th of Cambridge colleges W1s
W2- 9th- 12:01- 4th of Cambridge college W2s

Queen’s Ergo Competition
NW1 division round 1 (Athena/Hermes) – average split 1:56.9
NW2 division (Aphrodite/Nemesis) – average split 2:10.7
NW1 final (Athena/Hermes) – average split 1:56.6, 11th of 14

Winter Head 2015: W2 Race Report

During the row down, the boat was slightly unsettled and unbalanced – not the impressive low rate firm paddling that we’ve been working on in our outings. The weather was cold and windy and the river was chaotic with boats and colours from so many different clubs and universities. But we started the race well, winding up to a 29 rate which we kept quite consistently throughout. As we got to the reach, Emily called for more pressure on the legs and the boat started moving really well with lots of cover. Unfortunately we were unsettled from our rhythm by a couple of experienced crews overtaking us and then hitting the dirty water they left behind, so the end of the race was not as composed and powerful as we may have wanted. Overall, the race was a good experience for us in our preparation for Fairbairns, highlighting both technical and fitness points that we need to focus on for the next couple of weeks.

Chloe, stroke

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