Results 2009-2010

Results 2009/2010
Race Boat Result
May Bumps 1st VIII 1st day: bumped Fitz
2nd day: rowed over
3rd day: bumped Homerton
4th day: bumped LMBC II
2nd VIII 1st day: bumped Homerton II
2nd day: bumped FaT III
3rd day: bumped Churchill II
4th day: rowed over
Champs Head W1 1st in division, 4th overall
time – 5:29.9
St. Radegund’s Mile W1 2nd
time – 6:10
WEHoRR W1 placed 116th/289
time – 21:06.54
Lent Bumps W1 1st day: bumped Anglia Ruskin
2nd day: bumped Pembroke II
3rd day: bumped Robinson
4th day: bumped Fitzwilliam
Pembroke Regatta W1 1st Round – Beat Queens’ W1
2nd Round – knocked out by First and Third W1
Newnham Short Course W2 8/13 lower boats
Winter Head to Head W1 2nd in division (14th Women’s VIII) time: 16.34
Fairbairns 2009 W1 VIII 11th in Student Women’s Senior VIIIs time: 16:59.96
W1 IV+ 5th in Student Women’s Senior IVs time: 13:21.42
Novice A 16/53 time: 12.03.28
Novice B 43/53 time: 13.11.30
Novice C (invitational) 46/59 time: 13.07.99
Winter Head 2009 W1 9th in Student Novice 8+ division time: 11.34
Novice A 6th in Student Beginner 8+ time 12.47
Novice B 13th in Student Beginner 8+ time: 14.36
Queens’ Ergo Competition Novice A 11th in women’s upper division
Izzi Boanas-Evans 11th fastest individual