Uni IVs 2010

Well we took to the Cam in what can only be called hurricane winds to compete in the side-by-side 1300m race. First race of the day was with Corpus W1. After a small kafuffel due to the incredible wind, we set off. We were a little behind off the start, but got it together quickly and had clear water by the time we had reached the bend in The Reach. At top finish, we had managed to stretch our lead out to 2 or 3 boat lengths.

A quick Haribo break, and it was time for round 2, this time against Emmanuel W1. We stayed with them off the start, but after a while they pulled away. We kept up a good pace, and managed to gain on them again towards the end, but it was too little too late and they went on to the final.

A good first race of the term, and better things to come.

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