Results 2010-2011

May Bumps W1, W2

W1 – bumped Darwin, Anglia Ruskin, Robinson and Jesus II, finishing 6th in division 2.
W2 – bumped Darwin II, Addenbroke’s, Jesus III and St Edmund’s, finishing 16th in division 3.

The club also won the Pegasus Cup.

Champs Head W1, W2

W1 – 6:10.51 – 2nd in Mays W2 division, 4th out of all college womens crews.
W2 – 6:37.58 – 1st in Mays W4 division, beating 8 W1 crews and 11 men’s crews.


W1 – 21:38.22, finished 146/296

Lent Bumps W1, W2

W1 – Bumped Jesus II, Sidney Sussex, LMBC II and Emmanuel II to finish 3rd in division 2
W2 – Bumped by Lucy Cav II, Bumped by Girton II, Bumped by Fitz II, Rowed over to finish bottom in division 3

Lent Getting On Race W2, W3

W2 got on – starting at 15th in the 3rd division
W3 – 11:57.2

Pembroke Regatta W1

1st Round – Beat Sidney Sussex W1 (04:07)
2nd Round – Beat Corpus W1 (04:10)
3rd Round – knocked out by Emmanuel W1 (04:01)

Fairbairns Cup

Senior Races postponed to early 2010 as river was frozen.

Novices (Race shortened due to ice on the river)

Comply or Die
10/52 time 8:37.8

Mr Frisky
33/52 time 9:47.0
– 8th of all College 2nd novices

Really Fast Horse
38/52 10:05.5
– 2nd of all College 3rd novices

39/52 10:08.6
– the only 4th novices in the entire women novice division, beating 1st novices of Homerton, Girton, St Edmunds

Winter Head
W1 time 10:14
– 8th of all Cambridge colleges in all W8+ divisions
– joint 1st out of 8 Cambridge colleges in student novice division
– joint 2nd out of 15 in student novice division

Comply or Die time 12:09
– 2nd of 7 Cambridge colleges in student beginner division
– 6th out of 13 in student beginner division

Mr Frisky time 13:10
– 10th of 13 in student beginner division

Really Fast Horse time 13:32
– 12th of 13 in student beginner division

Queen’s Ergo Competition
Novice W1
– 9/35 in upper division first round, time 1:55.8
– 9th overall in finalists, average time 1:55.2
– Lizzie Gorton 10th fastest individual
Novice W2
– 30/35 in upper division first round, average time 2:05.0 (joint 7th of all W2 crews)
Novice W3
– 4/17 in lower division, average time 2:05.9 (1st of all W3 crews)

Uni IVs
– knocked out Corpus in first round (3 lengths)
– knocked out by Emmanuel (finalists) in second round (3 lengths)