24 Hour Erg

MECBC is doing a 24 hour erg this weekend to raise funds for our new boat. 

Here is our Facebook event:

If you want to erg, email Marina ms896 

If you wish to sponsor the 24 hour erg, you can either send a cheque, or donate online: 

Please write a cheque for “Murray Edwards College Boat Club” to
Wing Ying Chow, P/H 25
Murray Edwards College
CB3 0DF, UK 

Ideally, if you are a UK taxpayer, we would appreciate if you can include a GiftAid declaration, which you can find and print on this page:  http://www.srcf.ucam.org/mecbc/for-club-and-college/giftaid-donation-form/ 

Please use this link – https://mecbc.soc.srcf.net/for-club-and-college/24-hour-erg-donations/
Again, if you are a UK taxpayer, do consider GiftAid-ing your donation to us! The online system is a bit experimental, so let me know if you run into problems. 

During the event, our Facebook page and this website will be updated to show our progress, so keep watching this space.

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