Results 2011-2012

May Bumps

W1: bumped Emmanuel II, Sidney Sussex, Pembroke II, finished 3rd in division 2.
W2: bumped Newnham III, Clare Hall, Emmanuel III, finished 13th in division 3.
W3: got on, bumped Trinity Hall III, Clare III, Pembroke IV, Selwyn III, finished 11th in division 4.

Nines Regatta

W2: won Womens’ 2nd division, beating
Christs W2 (3 lengths)
Corpus W1 (easily)
Queens W2 (2.5 lengths)

Champs Head

W1: 2nd in Mays 2nd division (6:03.5)
W2: 1st in Mays 3rd division (6:20.8)
W3: 2nd in Mays 4th division (6:36.7)

Spring Head 2 Head

W1: 1st in Mays 2nd division (1st race 6:22, 2nd race 7:29)

Lent Bumps

W1 – bumped Girton and Churchill, finishing 1st in W2 division
W2 – bumped Clare Hall and Hughes Hall II, finishing 10th in W3 division

Robinson Head (shortened due to ice)

W3 – 5:29 fastest women’s lower boat (faster than all W2 and W3)

Pembroke Regatta

1st round – beat Emmanuel W1
2nd round – knocked out by Selwyn W1

1st round – knocked out by Caius W2

Winter Head 2 Head

W1: 1st in Mays 2nd division (1st race 7:48, 2nd race 8:49)

Fairbairns Cup

W1 17:08.90
– Winner of Womens’ Invitational Senior VIIIs, receiving a shield
– 3rd of Womens’ College Senior VIIIs

W2 20:37.70
– beating Addenbrooke’s W1

Calypso 12:09.30
– 10th of all college NW1s
– 12/56 overall
– beat 15 men’s novice boats (incl Trinity Hall and Darwin NM1)

Athena 13:18.50
– 6th of all college NW2s
– 32/56 overall
– beat 7 NW1 and 4 NM1

Artemis 14:25.80
– 6th of all college NW3s
– 50/56 overall
– beat 1 NW1, 2 NW2s

Winter Head

W1 9:50
– 1st of all Cambridge colleges in all W8+ divisions
– Winners of women student novice division, receiving engraved hip flasks

W2 11:42
– 16/18 in women student novice division

Calypso 12:15
– 3rd of 7 Cambridge colleges in student beginner division
– 11/17 in student beginner division

Athena 13:10
– 6th of 7 Cambridge colleges in student beginner division
– 15/17 in student beginner division

Queen’s Ergo Competition

7pm crew
– 6/37 in upper division, split 1:55.5
– 9/13  in finalists, split 1:57.3

5pm crew
– 13/37 in upper division, split 1:58.6
– 11/13 in finalists, split 1:58.7

8pm crew
– 11/24 in lower division, average split 2:06.3
– 4/10 of all W3 crews

Senior crew (joint with Girton)
– 5/13 in senior division

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