Champs Head 2012 W3 report

Laura Desert, W3, 4 Champs Head 2012

The weather was beautiful and very warm as we marshalled all the way down to the lock. Spirits were high, and were kept high by the motivational speeches of coaches Pete and Rich. As we were marshalling, someone's oar did come out of their gate though, so we were extra wary of tightening them before the race. Only as we were marshalling did we realise we would have to do a standing start, but the practice start we did before the lock was good enough to get our confidence up.


We were off to a strong start, and cox Christina took a good line around Ditton corner as we powered through onto a windy reach. Our speed kept us going however, and we settled into a steady race rhythm, punctuated by extra hard pushes for ten, called by Christina.


This race was a particularly enjoyable one for me, having been in Robinson Head last term, when we had to marshal for more than an hour in the freezing cold weather. Today was not only sunny, but our crew really came together and produced some fine rowing.


Bring on May Bumps !

Results: W3 – time – 6:36.7

-2nd in Mays 4th division behind Tit Hall W3

-2nd of college W3’s behind Tit Hall W3

                -beat 3 other W3’s (Pembroke, LMBC and Queens’)

-beat 10 W2’s (Newnham, Emma, Jesus, Caius, Selwyn, FaT, Girton, King’s, Sidney, Hughes/Lucy)

-tied with 1 W1, beat 2 other W1’s (Robinson – tied, beat Wolfson and Clare Hall)

-WHEN W3 gets on into May Bumps, at least 11 of the boats they beat today will be ahead of them, 7 in the 3rd division, 4 in the 2nd division

                W3 was only 5 seconds off the time of a Mays 1st division boat (Selwyn W1)

beat last year’s W2 Champs Head time of 6:37.6

                -last year we didn’t even have a W3 to enter in Champs Head

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