MECBC announces Barclays sponsorship

MECBC are delighted to announce that Barclays have agreed to sponsor the boat club very generously for the coming year.

The funds that we receive from Barclays will enable the club to compete in more races, buy more equipment, and pay for more and better coaching for all standards of rowers. In return, new kit sporting the Barclays logo will be worn by our girls and Barclays may also be hosting an event in College this term.

It is an essential goal of the club to make rowing accessible to everyone, and the help received from all corners enables this by keeping termly subs as low as possible for our members and subsidising racing kit. It is very hard, worrying about how many races to participate in due to lack of funds.

The boat club hopes that this will be the start of a long relationship benefiting both parties, and would like to thank Barclays very much for the sponsorship.