Comet 260 Winter Head Race Report 2012

Comet 260 arrived at the boathouse, eager as ever, fresh faced and ready to race. However, it turned out that we were perhaps a little too eager having arrived half an hour before our race was due to start. Not to be discouraged we embraced the opportunity to put in some last minute practice and were soon slicing our way through the Cam. We returned to the waiting area only to discover that the race was delayed. By this stage, our initial enthusiasm was ebbing but the boat was cheered up by Natalie’s production of space blankets and the realization that our waiting spot provided a perfect opportunity to admire the rest of the talent on the river.When we were finally called to the start, having extracted ourselves from the traffic jam the nerves, again, began to rise. We were directed to the very end where we discovered, much to the amusement of a UCL boat and distress of a marshall that parking is, perhaps, something we needed to work on. Having finally managed to wedge ourselves into the bank we proceeded to continue to admire the Cam’s display of talent whilst listening to Georgie’s rendition of ‘What Katie did’. When, finally, it was our turn to race the nerves were subdued by utter confusion as to what was going on. Consequently, our start was shambolic, but we managed to recover and pulled away from it in true style. Bringing out the Murray Edwards power we pushed through and managed to maintain a good pace throughout, with some truly epic drives we stormed to the finish line. Well hard girls!

Rosanna O’Keeffe
Comet 260