W2 Race Report for Winter Head

This was the first race for a recently formed IV crew so setting off from the boathouse we were all quite nervous and unsure of what to expect. Paddling down to the start we got into a good rhythm and Nadia got us warmed up with some solid pushes for ten. On the way down we passed one of our novice crews (Silver Arrow) and despite being slightly unnerved by their very tired faces, we were encouraged by our fellow college boaties (if they survived so would we). Once we arrived at the marshalling station Laura brought out the Haribo for a last minute energy boost, though by then the adrenaline had already started to kick in, and Matt gave us some reassuring last words. Before we knew it we were paddling up to the line and Nadia was shouting for our first push for ten. We started off well (the Haribo were clearing working) and we soon settled into a good rhythm. We kept it strong until the finish- as pictures of our reddened faces and pained expressions will no doubt confirm- and were pleased to come fifth in our division!

Well done W2!

Lizzie Allen, W2