May Bumps Day 1 – W4

So today was W4’s first experience in Bumps, and what an experience! After a difficult start to the term, we were really happy to have managed to become a strong crew and so excited to be able to take part in Bumps.

After waiting for one crew member to rush over from her last exam, swapping the champagne celebrations for a further stressful situation, we were eager to row down to the start, making sure that we looked good as we passed our rival crews. Haribos at the marshalling point helped us to settle our nerves, but then as soon as the 4 minute canon went off, no amount of sugary jellies could calm the nerves. I really grasped at this point what the coaches had told us about Bumps – that the countdown to the final canon is the tensest moment ever. Boom. Suddenly we were off! After a messy start we managed to power through and it wasn’t long before our cox, Laura, shouted the words we’d all hoped to hear “we’re getting closer girls, we’re gonna catch them up!” The whistles were blaring, the bank party were cheering us on, we were driving like mad. Sitting directly opposite Laura, I could really sense her determination and excitement as we neared Girton.

Bumping them was an incredibly fulfilling moment, and we all lapped up our glory row back to the boathouse, greenery in our hair. Such a great start to Bumps. Let’s repeat it tomorrow, and Friday and Saturday!

Eva Lawrence, W4, Stroke