Queens’ Ergs 2013: Ariel Race Report

We arrived at Queens’ having no idea what to expect and were immediately struck by how busy and energised the place felt. We collected our number tags and t-shirts, quickly changing before a brief warm up amongst the other teams outside the hall. We were the last college to file in and our erg was right next to the door and speakers, the perfect space to zone out and focus on pushing as hard as we could. Once the race began, we got off to a really good start and proceeded to maintain a good pace, only dropping a few seconds off the split from each rower to the next. The atmosphere was amazing, with great music pulsing through the hall and loads of people up in the balconies cheering us all on. Although we didn’t manage to place well enough to get through to the finals, I think most people managed to secure a new PB on their split and we all pushed hard enough to be utterly jelly-legged by the end of our stint!

Catherine Cameron

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