Results 2013-14

May Bumps

W1: bumped Magdalene I, Kings I, Trinity Hall I. Rowed over twice. Moved up to division 1. Finished 17th in division 1.
W2: bumped Girton II, St. Catherine’s II, Magdalene II. Rowed over once. Finished 6th in division 3.
W3: bumped Peterhouse II. Rowed over three times. Finished 4th in division 4.

Nines Regatta

W2: 1st leg – beat Clare II (easily), 2nd leg – lost against Wolfson (1/2 length)
W3: 1st leg – beat Clare IV (easily), 2nd leg – lost against ARU (3/4 length)

Champs Head

W1: 5:46 min, 2nd of Mays division 2
W2: 5:56 min, 2nd of Mays division 3

Head 2 Head

W1: 8:22 min, 5/10 of division 2

Lent Bumps

W1: bumped King’s, Lady Margaret, Pembroke, finishing 11th in division 1
W2: bumped by Clare II, Wolfson, bumped Caius II, finishing 5th in division 3
W3: bumped Darwin II, Clare Hall, finishing 10th in division 3

Newnham Short Course

W1: 12:10 min, placed joint 4th with Jesus

Fairbairns Cup

W1: 17:32 min, joint 3/17 of all College Women’s Senior 8+
W2: 19:43 min

N1: 11:39 min, 3/41 of Women’s Novice 8+
N2: 12:29 min, 16/41 of Women’s Novice 8+
N3: 13:15 min
N4: 14:02 min

New Hall M1 IV: 12:51 min

Winter Head

W1: won division
Ariel: ?
Pocahontas: ?

Autumn Head

W1: 3rd of College Women’s 8+

Queen’s Ergo Competition

N1: average split 02:02.3 min
N2: average split 02:07.5 min