Support MECBC in May Bumps 2014

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Division times are as follows:

Wednesday to Friday

Fourth division (W3) – 13:45
Third division (W2) – 16:00
Second division (W1) – 17:30


Fourth division (W3) – 11:45
Third division (W2) – 14:00
Second division (W1) – 15:30

W1 could have the chance to move up into the first division, perhaps as soon as day 2. We will update division times if this happens.

There are lots of places from which to watch the Bumps. The Plough pub is a popular option, as is Fen Ditton, or any point along the towpath on the north side of the river, particularly Grassy Corner. For more information on where to go (and restrictions on where you can go), check out the CUCBC website:

We need your support! Whether you come out for all four days or just one, knowing there are friends in the crowd makes a big difference to those in the boat.

Hope to see you all there!