Results 2014-2015

Lent Bumps
W1 – bumped St. Catharine’s and Caius, finished 9th in division 1.
W2 – bumped by Sidney Sussex W2 and Queens’ W2, finished 6th in division 3.
W3 – bumped St. Catharine’s W2, bumped by St. Catharine’s W2, Darwin W2 and Hughes/Lucy W2.

Fairbairns Cup
W1- 17.42.2- 10th overall- 8th of Cambridge colleges
W2 (IV) – 15.43.7- 15th
Bracadi Breezers NW1 – DNF
Pina Colada NW2-13.31.0- 8th of NW2s- 39th overall

Absolut NW3- 14.45.0- 9th of NW3s- 53rd overall
Tequila Slammers NW4- 14.22.6- 49th overall

Emma Sprints
NW1 beat Newnham NW1, were beaten by Clare Hall NW1 in quarter finalsNW3 were beaten by Newnham NW2, beaten by Emma NW3 in second race

Winter Head
W1- 10th- 10:46- 4th of Cambridge college w8+
W2- 6th- 11:08
NW1 (350)- 12:34- 3rd- 1st of Cambridge college novices
NW2 (551)- 13:15- 8th- 5th of Cambridge colleges

Autumn Head
W1- 12.32- 3rd of Cambridge colleges W1

Queen’s Ergo Competition
NW1 division round 1 (Absolut Slammers) – average split 2:02.4
NW1 division round 2 (Bacardi Colada) – average split 1:55.8
NW2 division (20:00 Blue Lagoon) – average split 2:11.8
Senior division (MECBC/Girton) – average split 1:41.6, 11th of 14
NW1 final (Bacardi Colada)
– average split 1:55.1, 7th of 12