W3 got up bright and early for one last outing before the Getting On Race. Starts had been practiced, candid motivational speeches made. As the only W3 to get on the year before, we had a reputation to keep up. The afternoon consisted of a pleasant row to the start, rather enjoyable for a February day. At the start, we got off at a steady rate, and kept it there for the whole time, grinding on the boat in front of us with every stroke. What the cox called for, we pushed for. For those two kilometres, there was just one crew, one boat, perfectly synchronised and focused. We finished the course before we thought we would have, and rowed back to the boathouse with a strong sense of reward; even if we did not get on, this was an amazing race. Then, later in the evening, came the wonderful news: W3 got on!

Simona Sulikova, 7