Results 2015-2016

Fairbairns Cup
W1- 16:57.9 – 10th overall – 9th of Cambridge colleges
W2- 19:20.0 – 32nd overall – 6th of W2s
Hermes (NW1)- 13:27.2 – 25th of NW1s – 43rd overall
Athena (NW2)- 13:44.7 – 14th of NW2s – 48th overall
Hera (NW3)- 15:44.5 – 4th of NW3s – 53rd overall

Clare Novices’ Regatta
Athena (NW2) – Lost against Darwin NW1

Emma Sprints
Hera (NW3)- lost first leg against Clare NW2, lost second leg against Homerton NW1
Hermes (NW1)- lost first leg against Emma NW1, won second leg against Trinity Hall NW1

Winter Head
W1- 2nd- 10:35- 5th of Cambridge colleges W1s
W2- 9th- 12:01- 4th of Cambridge college W2s

Queen’s Ergo Competition
NW1 division round 1 (Athena/Hermes) – average split 1:56.9
NW2 division (Aphrodite/Nemesis) – average split 2:10.7
NW1 final (Athena/Hermes) – average split 1:56.6, 11th of 14