Lent Bumps 2019: Day 2 W2 Race Report

Bumps Day 2 for W2 dawned a little gloomier, and a lot windier than day 1… However, we were feeling optimistic as today, despite chasing Caius we were being chased by Kings, whom we had almost bumped the day before. Everyone arrived at the boathouse excited and prepared for a long race, as we were sure that today we were going to row over. Having packed the toolkit and 2 cox boxes after the unfortunate bleeping from the previous day, we set off feeling a little nervous, but ready for another afternoon of racing.

After some pro (and slightly hurried…) paddling down to the P and E, we parked up ready to marshal. Despite the rain and wind, nothing could dampen our spirits as we rowed to our starting position, fitting in a great rolling start along the way.

Due to the lack of cannon, we were counted down using a stopwatch, but nevertheless got off to a strong start. The girls really gave it their all and we quickly pulled away from Kings. The strength and stamina shown by everyone in the boat was very impressive, but unfortunately a few minutes into the race the majority of the boats around us had to be stopped, due to a crash up ahead. However, we were pleased when we were told that we had been granted a technical row over, thanks to everyone’s determination and drive to pull away from Kings! We were all a little disappointed that we didn’t get to row further as things were going so well, although perhaps the rowers were a little more relieved not to have to row the whole way than myself! Oh well, hopefully we’ll get some corners in on Friday, and we all feel optimistic at our chances of chasing down Trinity Hall.

Well done ladies for such brilliant (if short-lived) rowing, keep up the good work! Thank you to everyone who bank-partied us today, we really appreciate it.

Lucy Orchard, cox