W2 – Winter Head Race Report

Winter Head felt like an inappropriate name for a race where at least two of the crew were racing in short all-in ones. It’s unseasonably warm and sunny, and we’re feeling strong on the row up to the start… I say row up, a 1 hour delay in marshalling makes it feel more like an excersise in backing it down and trying not to provoke house-boat owners. After an isolated altercation with a man suffering from pride-of-paintwork, we continue the stop/start traipse up to the lock.

The race gets off to a flying start as we power under the motorway bridge after Newnham. Settling into a good rhythm, we start to try and catch up. We make good ground on them around the corners, thanks to some killer lines from Ola in the cox’s seat. The power is there at times, and as we start to flag coming out of ditton, the reach gives us a new lease of life to make for the finish line at the P&E.

We’re still gaining on Newnham, and the boat behind us is no-where to be seen, when suddenly disaster strikes, and we catch a crab. Though it takes us a while to recover (motivated by the cheering from mystery ‘New Hall’ supporters!), we see Clare gaining on us and give it our all, fighting them off with all our might. The determination to push as hard as we can and make up lost time is frankly inspiring, and we sweep under the finish line, completely drained.

Time: 11:42
Position: Joint 213th (overall)
Division Position: 16th (out of 18)

So, all in all, a success for grit and determination, if not for time. Onwards and upwards, we prepare for Fairbairns with everything to prove.

Michaelmas 2011 Crews

Cox Str 7 6 5 4 3 2 Bow
Senior 1st VIII Chloe Wallis Wing Ying Chow Holly Smith Marina Steketee Amy Crow Emma Jones Reana Maier Ola Janusz Sally-Anne Bennett
Senior 2nd VIII Ola Janusz / Wing Ying Chow Jeny Oates Emma Wilkinson Eleanor Dickinson Jenny Tollman Natalie Skorupska Stacey-Jo Parker Jess Irving / Basmah Khogeer Teresa Krieger

Novice Boat “Calypso” Georgie Field Bethany Parker Lufei Zhang Ayla Haddenhorst Henny Schulte to Buehne Hanna Grealish Thea Hawlin Harri Christie Laura Imperatori
Novice Boat “Athena” Christina Larkin Gwen Ying Xavia Bramwell-Pearson Gemma Chapman Caroline Appleby Christie Bates Gaby Rimmer Laura Desert Katie Struthers
Novice Boat “Artemis” Nadia Tsao Katie White Holly McCann Catherine Taylor Barbora Wouters Karishma Patel Siena Carver Yu Pei Molly Jones
Novice Boat “Aphrodite” Ayla Haddenhorst Laura Gell Abi Royal Danah Belhoul Sophie Taylor Sara Velezmoro Ceit Jesmont Lizzie Allen Siena Carver

Winter Head 2011 – W1 Race Report

It’s an absolutely gorgeous and sunny Saturday afternoon – a perfect day for W1’s first race of the term, Winter Head. The 2.5km course covers the river from the motorway bridge clear through to the P&E, a stretch that has seen our crew have some pretty good (the day we managed to get enough clear river to manage a decent head piece) and pretty bad (the incredibly foggy morning we couldn’t sit the boat for love nor money) outings so far this term. All in all, though, we feel we’re in good shape to have a solid showing today.

Though due to race in the 11:40 division, things are running exasperatingly predictably late, and we have to marshall by the Chesterton bridge for a good half hour, keeping our spirits up with banter and Haribo. We give a cheer for our novice crew Athena as they pass us, having just finished their first race in the previous division. Finally, we’re able to move up to the starting station where another round of waiting commences, though this one not nearly as long. We spin and paddle to the starting line, focusing ourselves and setting our platform. As we near the bridge, our cox Chloe calls to begin our rolling start.

Three strong draws and five quick winds get the boat moving smoothly, and we settle into the race. Mark, our coach, can be barely discerned from the bank, shouting for the quick, sharp catches we’ve been working on all term. Despite a few incidents of ropey balance, our rowing feels strong and decently controlled. We manage to maintain our pace throughout, keeping up the power even through the last corners before the reach, a place we often lose our wind. Supporters cheering from the bank (thanks, Amy’s mom!), however, and Chloe’s calls for a power ten (she knows us too well) mean that we push through without any real tapering off. The reach is the only stretch of straight(ish) river on the Cam, so we try to make the most of it, lifting and sending the boat toward the railway bridge. Once out from under it, we know the finish isn’t far, so Chloe calls to empty the tanks, and we gun for the line. The banner passes over our heads, and it’s done. We paddle back to the boathouse, and Mark tells us that, while there are things to improve on (which he always says, no matter how well we do, which is probably why we keep getting better), we had a good race and a good foundation for the upcoming Fairbairns, the big end-of-term race at the beginning of December.

Later that evening at the traditional post-race pub gathering, we keep checking to see if the official race results have been posted. When they finally are, we’re thrilled to find that, with a time of 9:50, we’ve come 10th out of ALL women’s boats, (which includes the Cambridge blues squads, out-of-town university crews, like King’s College London and Imperial, and town crews) and, more importantly and excitingly, 1st in our division and 1st out of all the Cambridge college women’s boats! MECBC owns the river!

Mark’s reaction? “Fastest girls on the river then? It’s about time . . .”

Bring on Fairbairns.

Reana Maier
Lower Boats Captain 2011-2012

Winter Head 2011 – results

On Saturday, 19 November, MECBC competed in Winter Head, a competition run by Cantabrigian Rowing Club, which consists of timed 2.5km head races on the Cam River. Entrants included Cambridge University Boat Club crews, Cambridge college boat club crews, crews from universities outside of Cambridge and crews from Cambridge town rowing clubs. This was our first racing event of the term, and we entered four boats: our 1st VIII, 2nd VIII and two novice crews, Calypso and Athena.


Time – 12:15
3rd of 7 college women’s boats in beginner’s category

Time – 12:45
6th of 7 college women’s boats in beginner’s category

Time – 11:42
81st out of ALL women’s boats (111 in total, includes CUW boats, other university senior boats, such as King’s College London and Imperial, and town club boats)

Time – 9:50
10th out of ALL women’s boats (111 in total, includes CUW boats, other university senior boats, such as King’s College London and Imperial, and town club boats)
1st out of all Cambridge college women’s boats

Congratulations to all who raced with us on Saturday! We clearly have a very solid foundation on which to build for future events.

Our next race is Fairbairns, which takes place on the 1st and 2nd of December.

W1 Champs Head 2011

Last week W1 raced in the Champs Head, a race for all crews to get an idea of where they stand for May Bumps as they draw closer.
Despite appallingly windy conditions, the crew held together really well, coming second in the Mays W2 division and fourth overall out of all college women’s crews: a terrific performance for a crew containing three ex-novices! These results shows how our hard work has paid off, and that we are set to do really well come May Bumps.

Easter 2011 Crews

1st VIII

cox: Akiko Toda
8 Izzi Bonanas-Evans*
7 Wing Ying Chow
6 Gina Dalgleish
5 Marina Steketee
4 Liz Gorton
3 Reana Maier
2 Natalie Barry
1 Holly Smith

*CUW Blue Boat 2011

2nd VIII

cox: Chloe Wallis
8 Eleanor Dickinson
7 Jeny Oates
6 Pauline Pilote
5 Katrin Kopp
4 Natalie Skorupska
3 Amy Crow
2 Nidhi Kulkarni
1 Sally-Anne Bennett

Getting on Race crew

cox: Ajlaan Bridle
S Melissa Brown
7 Roki Fukuzawa
6 Sarah Sheldon
5 Jenny Tollman
4 Yaping Zhang
3 Emma Bornebroek
2 Sophie Madden
B Katie Taffler

3rd Squad

cox: Ajlaan Bridle (Fitzwilliam)
cox: Sophie Madden
Bethan Gudgeon
Melissa Brown
Tehnuka Ilanko
Charlotte Lamnea
Jess Rae
Katie Taffler
Jenny Tollmann
Brigid Ward
Bex Weaving
Yaping Zhang
Roki Fukuzawa

Novice Squad

Emma Bornebroek
Hima Balachandran
Charlotte Callinan
Ayla Haddenhorst
Vicky Hore
Bing Li
Katherine Nolan
Bethany Parker
Sarah Sheldon
Lufei Zhang

Head to Head 2011

At the start of May W1 competed in the Head to Head, which involves rowing two legs of 2k (spinning in between). This race was a chance for us to see how much we had developed as a crew, having had a big reshuffle after the Easter Vacation. Overall we did quite well, beating a few other W1 crews such as King’s and First and Third. Most importantly, however, we showed that after only a few outings together we have a solid basis to build up on as we continue training this term.

Lent 2010 Crews

Cox Str 7 6 5 4 3 2 Bow
1st VIII
Akiko Toda Bridget Clay Izzy Andrews Izzy Boanas Evans Alice Draper Eve Bonner Tamara Hornik Natalie Barry Wing Ying Chow
2nd VIII
Ploy Radford Bethan Gudgeon Rebecca Rewbury Marina Steketee Jenni Whitfield Lizzie Bateman Brigid Ward Bal Ubhi Bel Dimova

Michaelmas 2009 Crews

Cox Str 7 6 5 4 3 2 Bow
Fairbairns 1st VIII . Bridget Clay Izzy Andrews Eve Bonner Alice Draper Tamara Hornik Jenni Whitfield Natalie Barry Bel Dimova
Fairbairns Senior IV Kate Gallagher . . . . Bridget Clay Alice Draper Eve Bonner Izzy Andrews
Fairbairns Novices 1 Akiko Toda Izzy Boanas Evans Marina Steketee Lizzie Bateman Sinead Marron Aleksandra Janusz Cathy Morrow Bal Ubhi Sarah Peters Harrison
Fairbairns Novices 2 Wing Ying Chow Rosie Nelson Natalie Healy Rebecca Dickie Hannah Graham Judith Schuette Brigid Ward Krista Kempinnen Leonie Vogt
Fairbairns Novices 3 Ploy Radford Emily Hardy (Churchill) Bal Ubhi (Churchill) Adeline Oka Marina Steketee (Churchill) Beryl Pong