CREWS Lent 2016

Cox – Joaquina Delas Vives
S – Maria Rust
7 – Emily Busvine
6 – Rebekah Holubinka
5 – Amanda Sjödahl
4 – Emilie Cousin
3 – Nadia Blackshaw
2 – Païvi Pirhonen
B – Simona Sulikova
Coach – Mark Jacobs

Cox – Julie Gillard
S – Audrey Bellis
7 – Elodie Burton
6 – Sofia Akhtar
5 – Heather Dudley
4 – Yue Wu
3 – Tess Hopkins
2 – Sushmita Ramanujam
B -Taine Ranaghan
Coach – Robert Gardiner

Cox -Fidelia Okandze
S – Joanne Skinner
7 – Hope Mason
6 – Rebecca Cuthbert
5 – Anna Gibbons
4 – Lisa Kreusser
3 – Felicity Parker
2 – Anthea Chui
B – Zoe Ye
Coach – Reana Maier

Cox -Corsten James
Barley Collier
Ceridwen Salisbury
Clarrie Pettit
Lily Alger
Sreelekshmi Rajeswari
Yifu Wang
Yiting Lu
Coaches – Heather Dudley, Nadia Blackshaw, Simona Sulikova


Results 2014-2015

Lent Bumps
W1 – bumped St. Catharine’s and Caius, finished 9th in division 1.
W2 – bumped by Sidney Sussex W2 and Queens’ W2, finished 6th in division 3.
W3 – bumped St. Catharine’s W2, bumped by St. Catharine’s W2, Darwin W2 and Hughes/Lucy W2.

Fairbairns Cup
W1- 17.42.2- 10th overall- 8th of Cambridge colleges
W2 (IV) – 15.43.7- 15th
Bracadi Breezers NW1 – DNF
Pina Colada NW2-13.31.0- 8th of NW2s- 39th overall

Absolut NW3- 14.45.0- 9th of NW3s- 53rd overall
Tequila Slammers NW4- 14.22.6- 49th overall

Emma Sprints
NW1 beat Newnham NW1, were beaten by Clare Hall NW1 in quarter finalsNW3 were beaten by Newnham NW2, beaten by Emma NW3 in second race

Winter Head
W1- 10th- 10:46- 4th of Cambridge college w8+
W2- 6th- 11:08
NW1 (350)- 12:34- 3rd- 1st of Cambridge college novices
NW2 (551)- 13:15- 8th- 5th of Cambridge colleges

Autumn Head
W1- 12.32- 3rd of Cambridge colleges W1

Queen’s Ergo Competition
NW1 division round 1 (Absolut Slammers) – average split 2:02.4
NW1 division round 2 (Bacardi Colada) – average split 1:55.8
NW2 division (20:00 Blue Lagoon) – average split 2:11.8
Senior division (MECBC/Girton) – average split 1:41.6, 11th of 14
NW1 final (Bacardi Colada)
– average split 1:55.1, 7th of 12

Support MECBC in May Bumps 2014

Twitter: #supportmecbc #mecbcwellhard

Division times are as follows:

Wednesday to Friday

Fourth division (W3) – 13:45
Third division (W2) – 16:00
Second division (W1) – 17:30


Fourth division (W3) – 11:45
Third division (W2) – 14:00
Second division (W1) – 15:30

W1 could have the chance to move up into the first division, perhaps as soon as day 2. We will update division times if this happens.

There are lots of places from which to watch the Bumps. The Plough pub is a popular option, as is Fen Ditton, or any point along the towpath on the north side of the river, particularly Grassy Corner. For more information on where to go (and restrictions on where you can go), check out the CUCBC website:

We need your support! Whether you come out for all four days or just one, knowing there are friends in the crowd makes a big difference to those in the boat.

Hope to see you all there!

Lent 2014 Crews

Cox – Christina Larkin
S – Laura Désert
7 – Sally-Anne Bennett
6 – Emma Jones
5 – Holly Smith
4 – Reana Maier
3 – Polina Ceastuhina
2 – Laurane Saliou
B – Emma Heydon
Coach – Mark Jacobs

Cox: Katie Prescott
S – Catherine Taylor
7 – Olwen Wilson
6 – Manuela Groß
5 –
4 – Ana Diac
3 – Freya Sanders
2 – Bekah Holubinka
B – Maria Rust
Coaches: Robert Gardiner, Alex Massey

Cox: Laura Désert
S – Andreea Dogar
7 – Frances O’Morchoe
6 – Augustė Usonytė
5 – Olimpia Onelli
4 – Imarin Kaur-Uppal
3 – Sara Holttinen
2 – Laura King
B – Simona Sulikova
Coach: Thea Stratton

Cox: Jess Manning, Fiona Coventry
Olivia Barber
Ru Merritt
Jana Hueppe
Benedetta Pacella
Brooke Longhurst
Francesca Ward
Coaches: Katie Miles, Jordan Ward-Williams



Support MECBC in Lent Bumps 2014

Map with helpful tips on where to watch the races, and where you can and can’t cycle.

MECBC have three boats on for Lent Bumps this year. W1 is a mix of familiar and fresh faces, who made a strong showing at Newnham Short Course placing 4th of all womens’ crews in very windy conditions. Let’s see how much they have come on since then! W2 and W3 has had a very interrupted term, full of flags, flooding, wind and subbing… but all the erging has paid off in the getting on race, with both securing a spot in Bumps. In the week ahead they will show that they are faster, stronger and tidier than the other crews around them. For many this will be their first set of Bumps and they are SO excited!

As per usual not all crews will race every day from Tuesday to Friday. See schedule below for details. Aim to arrive before the start of the race as some races can be very short (several minutes!)

Tuesday 25 February
W2 and W3 racing in women’s third division at 1440

Wednesday 26 February
W2 and W3 racing in women’s third division at 1440
W1 racing in women’s first division at 1600

Thursday 27 February
W1 racing in women’s first division at 1600

Friday 28 February
W2 and W3 racing in women’s third division at 1320
W1 racing in women’s first division at 1600

Saturday 1 March
W2 and W3 racing in women’s third division at 1320
W1 racing in women’s first division at 1600

Facebook event:
Twitter supporters: our hashtags are #supportmecbc and #mecbcwellhard

Getting-On Race 2013 – W4

At first, we were losing hope of taking part in the Getting-on Race. Almost all of our bowside rowers were struggling with either illness or exams. It wasn’t until Thursday evening that we knew we could have a go, thanks to two people subbing in and Constance spontaneously forgetting about her imminent exams.

Of course we were determined to qualify for Bumps and to redefine the meaning of W4, which used to be a term for a rather disorganised bunch of individuals. But we still had our coach and captains believing in us, and several members from higher crews stepping in as coxes and making us believe that in fact we weren’t that awful. After all, Laura agreed to do her first race as a cox with us!

It was a hot and sunny afternoon when we pushed off for adventure. With 11 boats fighting for 10 spots, we knew we could stand a chance even with our heavy Winston. There were no major mishaps on our way down to the start, and the minor ones happened out of the sight of our rivals! But could we really make it through the race without catching crabs or crashing into the bank?

After spinning at the lock and a short break, we soon found ourselves in the middle of the river again, hearing Laura’s first call for a power ten. It seemed impossible to respond to it when our arms and legs had turned to jelly. But this was serious now. We settled at a pace that made me almost regret leaving the cool shadow of the Motorway Bridge behind. But very soon, our bank party started shouting that we were catching up with Jesus IV, which gave us that extra bit of power and prevented our energy from melting down all too quickly under the relentless sun.

In the final 100m, we eagerly responded to Laura’s call for emptying our tanks, already guessing that we had “got on”. That feeling didn’t deceive us! The very fact that we’re going to take part in the May Bumps is a happy end by itself, but moreover, we’re now determined to translate our new crew spirit into the language of whistles and bumps. The story of W4 must go on!

— Annelies Haemmig, W4 bow

Support MECBC in May Bumps 2013

View Cambridge May Bumps 2013 in a larger map
Map with helpful tips on where to watch the races, and where you can and can’t cycle.

MECBC have FOUR boats on for Bumps this year. W4 had an excellent row in GoR and secured their spot, and will be racing in Winston. W3 will be looking for a repeat of last year’s blades in Greta. W2, in Owen, can’t wait to show the Cam that they are the fastest boat in their division, and W1 in Octopussy will be aiming to continue their upward trend into the first division!

Wednesday 12 June – Friday 14 June 2013
W4 starting 3rd in 5th division, racing at 1pm
W3 starting 8th in 4th division, racing at 2:30pm
W2 starting 12th in 3rd division, racing at 4pm
W1 starting 3rd in 2nd division, racing at 5:30pm

Saturday 15 June 2013
W4 racing at 11am
W3 racing at 12:30pm
W2 racing at 2pm
W1 racing at 3:30pm

Facebook event:
Twitter supporters: our hashtags are #supportmecbc and #mecbcwellhard