Boat Club Dinner Lent 2022

MECBC enjoyed a well-earned Boat Club Dinner on Friday 18th March, celebrating a successful Lent Term of rowing and a return to bumps! We are looking forward to Easter term, and to show May Bumps what we are really made of! #yeahmedwards #meddies

Boat Club Dinner Easter 2021

Boat Club Dinner Easter 2021

After a long year with difficult training, hard work from all our members, and a successful and enjoyable week of racing, MECBC members attended the Easter Term BCD at the Cambridge Blue. This was a chance to congratulate all our members on their hard work, and in particular our committee and coaches, as well as handing over to the new committee members. We look forward to the upcoming social events, swaps, and BCDs in the next academic year!

W1 at BCD
W2 at BCD

Crews Easter 2021


  • Cox – Lucy Orchard
  • Stroke – Louise Bonnor-Morris
  • 7 – Ella Wilson
  • 6 – Gina Edney
  • 5 – Alice Emsden
  • 4 – Annie Howitt
  • 3 – Maria Rust
  • 2 – Julia Carrasco-Zanini
  • Bow – Alex Price


  • Cox – Flo Brockman
  • Stroke – Amy Thornton
  • 7 – Emily Kolyvas
  • 6 – Olivia Turner
  • 5 – Marina Sultonova
  • 4 – Sophie Bergmann
  • 3 – Sylwia Gajek
  • 2 – Pippa Wonders
  • Bow – Eve Gibbons
  • Subs: Mia Gittens


  • Cox – Olivia Clapp
  • Stroke – Alex Kiy
  • 7 – Maria Moro Bermudo
  • 6 – Maya Harji
  • 5 – Georgia Mather
  • 4 – Eve Moseley
  • 3 – Jane Jin Qin
  • 2 – Olivia Gaskell
  • Bow – Jess O’Neill
  • Subs: Ellie Lewis, Ellen Brightman,
  • Injured: Shumona Nath


  • Cox – Nieve Brydges
  • Stroke – Mia Gittens
  • 7 – Moriayo Kunuyi
  • 6 – Sarah Guo
  • 5 – Dani Jara Cruz
  • 4 – Madeline Dickinson Brown
  • 3 – Sharon Blass
  • 2 – Ellen Brightman
  • Bow – Nancy Legget


  • Cox – Marina Sultonova
  • Stroke – Rosie Sorzano Gilbert
  • 7 – Nancy Legget
  • 6 – Sienna Kaur
  • 5 – Dani Jara Cruz
  • 4 – Sarah Guo
  • 3 – Adelaide Di Maggio
  • 2 – Lesley Farrah Dorwling-Carter
  • Bow – Evalina Sliateryte

Crews Easter 2019


Cox: Christina Larkin
Stroke: Sophie Deans
7: Leanne Hagger
6: Maria Rust
5: Clare Jackson
4: Izzy Rhodes
3: Neeraja Bhamidipati
2: Helen Caldwell
Bow: Giulia Bollen Gandolfo
Coach: Mark Jacobs


Cox: Lucy Orchard
Stroke: Fiona Amery
7: Haley Rice
6: Rachel Brown
5: Aasta Kendall
4: Tamzin Byrne
3: Helena Read
2: Beth Holmes
Bow: Mackenzie Kwok
Coach: Ben Swan

W3/ Novices

Cox: Lun Zhu
Amy Bowen
Anastasia Price
Anna Neely
Annie Howitt
Caitlin Frankish
Chana Phansa
Chilombo Musa
Deirdre Canavan
Evie Heathcock
Gina Edney
Isy Lynch
Julia Carrasco Zanini Sanchez
Kalpanee Jayatilake
Mariana Quiroga
Coaches: Beth Holmes, Maria Rust

MECBC season mini-review, Easter 2021

MECBC has enjoyed a very successful season back on the Cam, despite a year with disrupted training due to the pandemic. During Michaelmas, the committee worked tirelessly to run land training sessions on the ergs in college in household groups and crew groups, as well as zoom circuit training sessions, when it was not possible to get out on the water (a relief to those who do not particularly enjoy the cold, dark mornings!). However, once students started to arrive back in Easter term, we were delighted to welcome over 25 novices into three novice VIIIs, as well as running two senior crews – W1 and W2.

Thanks to the hard work of all our members, committee, and coaches, we were able to enter both senior crews and our NW1 into the June Eights Regatta, the replacement for Bumps 2021 – ‘Fake Bumps’ or ‘Fumps’. The regatta was a fantastic week with a side-by-side race each day after the initial getting-on head race. It was wonderful to see our crews and those of the other colleges racing against one another for the first time in over a year, and despite a missing rudder and some last-minute boat repairs, all crews rowed brilliantly! We are so proud of how much they have all improved and how hard all our members have trained, with our novices racing after only a few weeks of outings and having not been on the water before the start of Easter term.

We look forward to welcoming back our rowers (and hopefully some new members!) in Michaelmas after the summer vacation and a well-deserved break, ready for another successful year, led by the new committee. We have every intention of painting the Cam black and white and wearing greenery with pride when Bumps (hopefully) recommence in 2022!