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Decided you want to have a go at learning to cox or to row? You have to do these two things:

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n.b. tubbing = an intro session for complete beginners. You will learn more about the equipment and facilities we have, the basic rowing movement, and get to go on the water in a very stable boat with a coach in the boat with you.

Clothing: anything that you can run and do sports in. Ideally, your top should not be too baggy as it may get caught when you are learning to row. No jeans please! And wear some sensible shoes such as trainers or flats, no heels or boots!

You are very unlikely to fall into the river unless someone forcibly throws you in (and we don't do that to novices!)

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Want to learn to row?

Are you coming up to Cambridge and Murray Edwards as a fresher this Michaelmas? Or maybe you have seen us boaties in our stash, and wondered if you can still pick up rowing as a sport?

Here is your chance to find out more, and register your interest: MECBC is holding a Boatie Tea at 3pm, 4 October 2010 at the Walkway.

All are welcome, no experience required — we will teach you all that you need to know to become part of a crew and take part in races. In addition, you will be invited to cocktails and formal swaps with rowers from other colleges. Still unsure? Come talk to us or anyone wearing black and white Boat Club kit during freshers week. Act soon though! Once training is in full swing you may have to wait until Easter term to join us.


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