Results 2018-2019

Mosasaurus – 2:07.3 (7th in W2 division)
NW1 – 2:03.7 (25th in W1 division)

Emma Sprints:
NW1 – lost to Newnham NW1, beat Catz NW1

Clare Novice Regatta:
NW2 – lost to LMBC NW2
NW3 – beat Lucy Cavendish NW2, lost to Downing NW2

W1 – 14:37 (10th Womens 4+)
W2 – 16:11 (3rd W2 4+)
NW1 – 9:48 (30th)
NW2 – 9:10 (24th)

Pembroke Regatta:
W1 – beat Magdalene W1, lost to Downing W1

Robinson Head:
W2 – 11:42 (2nd in W2 division)

Lent Bumps:
W1 – down 6, bumped by FaT, LMBC (overbump), Trinity Hall3:
W2 – down 2, bumped by Caius W2 and Darwin W1

Spring Head to Head:
W1 – 8:36.8, 8:29.7 (5th in Mays W2 division)

Champs Head:
W1 – 5:31.7 (10th in Mays W2 division)
W2 – 6:09.7 (6th in Mays W3 division)

May Bumps:
W1 – up 2, bumped Wolfson and Lucy Cavendish
W2 – held station, bumped Pembroke W3, bumped by Homerton W2

Results 2016-2017

W1 raced in the Novice Academic category: 179/295 (from starting position of 309) 21:41.3

Lent Bumps
W1: up 3, bumped Girton, Pembroke, and Emmanuel.
W2: down 4, bumped by Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav W2, Queens’ W2, FaT W2, Jesus W3.
W3: up 1, bumped Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav W3.

Pembroke Regatta
W1 lost to Churchill W1 by 1.5 lengths
W2 won against Homerton W2 easily, lost to Emmanuel W2 by 2 lengths

Newnham Short Course
W3 achieved a time of 9:20, 4th of all W3s, beating 2 W2s and 1 W1 crews

Winter Head to Head
W1 Leg 1: 8:15.9, Leg 2: 9:00.1. Total time 17:16.0. 9/11 of Lents 1st division (crabs!)
W2 Leg 1: 9:07.4, Leg 2: 13:41.8. Total time 22:49.2. 10/10 of Lents 3rd division (crashed)

Fairbairns Cup
W1- 18:34.1 – 18th of W1s – 22th overall
W2- 19:29.7 – 4th of W2s – 30th overall
JK Rowling – 13:02.3 – 18th of NW1s – 24th overall
Cleopatra- 13:44.7 – 21th of NW2s – 59th overall
Beyonce – 15:44.5 – 3rd of NW3s – 38th overall

Clare Novices’ Regatta
Cleopatra – Lost against Pembroke

Winter Head
W1- 10th – 10:57 – 10th of Cambridge colleges W1s
W2- 16th – 12:58 – 16th of Cambridge colleges, 4th of W2s

Queen’s Ergo Competition
JK Rowling proceeded to the final

Results 2015-2016

Fairbairns Cup
W1- 16:57.9 – 10th overall – 9th of Cambridge colleges
W2- 19:20.0 – 32nd overall – 6th of W2s
Hermes (NW1)- 13:27.2 – 25th of NW1s – 43rd overall
Athena (NW2)- 13:44.7 – 14th of NW2s – 48th overall
Hera (NW3)- 15:44.5 – 4th of NW3s – 53rd overall

Clare Novices’ Regatta
Athena (NW2) – Lost against Darwin NW1

Emma Sprints
Hera (NW3)- lost first leg against Clare NW2, lost second leg against Homerton NW1
Hermes (NW1)- lost first leg against Emma NW1, won second leg against Trinity Hall NW1

Winter Head
W1- 2nd- 10:35- 5th of Cambridge colleges W1s
W2- 9th- 12:01- 4th of Cambridge college W2s

Queen’s Ergo Competition
NW1 division round 1 (Athena/Hermes) – average split 1:56.9
NW2 division (Aphrodite/Nemesis) – average split 2:10.7
NW1 final (Athena/Hermes) – average split 1:56.6, 11th of 14

Results 2014-2015

Lent Bumps
W1 – bumped St. Catharine’s and Caius, finished 9th in division 1.
W2 – bumped by Sidney Sussex W2 and Queens’ W2, finished 6th in division 3.
W3 – bumped St. Catharine’s W2, bumped by St. Catharine’s W2, Darwin W2 and Hughes/Lucy W2.

Fairbairns Cup
W1- 17.42.2- 10th overall- 8th of Cambridge colleges
W2 (IV) – 15.43.7- 15th
Bracadi Breezers NW1 – DNF
Pina Colada NW2-13.31.0- 8th of NW2s- 39th overall

Absolut NW3- 14.45.0- 9th of NW3s- 53rd overall
Tequila Slammers NW4- 14.22.6- 49th overall

Emma Sprints
NW1 beat Newnham NW1, were beaten by Clare Hall NW1 in quarter finalsNW3 were beaten by Newnham NW2, beaten by Emma NW3 in second race

Winter Head
W1- 10th- 10:46- 4th of Cambridge college w8+
W2- 6th- 11:08
NW1 (350)- 12:34- 3rd- 1st of Cambridge college novices
NW2 (551)- 13:15- 8th- 5th of Cambridge colleges

Autumn Head
W1- 12.32- 3rd of Cambridge colleges W1

Queen’s Ergo Competition
NW1 division round 1 (Absolut Slammers) – average split 2:02.4
NW1 division round 2 (Bacardi Colada) – average split 1:55.8
NW2 division (20:00 Blue Lagoon) – average split 2:11.8
Senior division (MECBC/Girton) – average split 1:41.6, 11th of 14
NW1 final (Bacardi Colada)
– average split 1:55.1, 7th of 12

Results 2013-14

May Bumps

W1: bumped Magdalene I, Kings I, Trinity Hall I. Rowed over twice. Moved up to division 1. Finished 17th in division 1.
W2: bumped Girton II, St. Catherine’s II, Magdalene II. Rowed over once. Finished 6th in division 3.
W3: bumped Peterhouse II. Rowed over three times. Finished 4th in division 4.

Nines Regatta

W2: 1st leg – beat Clare II (easily), 2nd leg – lost against Wolfson (1/2 length)
W3: 1st leg – beat Clare IV (easily), 2nd leg – lost against ARU (3/4 length)

Champs Head

W1: 5:46 min, 2nd of Mays division 2
W2: 5:56 min, 2nd of Mays division 3

Head 2 Head

W1: 8:22 min, 5/10 of division 2

Lent Bumps

W1: bumped King’s, Lady Margaret, Pembroke, finishing 11th in division 1
W2: bumped by Clare II, Wolfson, bumped Caius II, finishing 5th in division 3
W3: bumped Darwin II, Clare Hall, finishing 10th in division 3

Newnham Short Course

W1: 12:10 min, placed joint 4th with Jesus

Fairbairns Cup

W1: 17:32 min, joint 3/17 of all College Women’s Senior 8+
W2: 19:43 min

N1: 11:39 min, 3/41 of Women’s Novice 8+
N2: 12:29 min, 16/41 of Women’s Novice 8+
N3: 13:15 min
N4: 14:02 min

New Hall M1 IV: 12:51 min

Winter Head

W1: won division
Ariel: ?
Pocahontas: ?

Autumn Head

W1: 3rd of College Women’s 8+

Queen’s Ergo Competition

N1: average split 02:02.3 min
N2: average split 02:07.5 min

Results 2012-13

May Bumps

W1: rowed over four times, finishing 3rd in division 2
W2: bumped First and Third II, Pembroke III, Selwyn II, finishing 9th in division 3
W3: got on, bumped Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish II, Queen’s III, finishing 6th in division 4
W4: got on, bumped Girton III, were bumped and bumped Fitzwilliam III, finishing 2nd in division 5

Champs Head

W1 – 5:58 won Mays Div 2
W2 – 6:06 won Mays Div 3, fastest W2
W3 – 6:46, fastest W3

Spring Head 2 Head

W1 – 1st leg 7:29, 2nd leg 8:49, total time 16:18, 2nd in Mays Eights Division 2


W1 – 20:55:46, finished 138/302
W2 – 21:19:33, finished 171/302

Lent Bumps

W1 bladed –
W2 bladed – bumped Sidney Sussex II, Wolfson, Trinity hall II, and Clare II, finished 4th in division 3
W3 down 3 –

Robinson Head

W2 – 6:06, fastest W2

Pembroke Regatta

W1 –
W2/3? –

Fairbairns Cup

W1 17:16
– 5th of Womens’ College Senior VIIIs

W2 18:27
– 1st of Women’s College Senior 2nd VIIIs
– Overtook 2 boats over the course

Comet 260 12:16
– 18th of all college NW1s
– 19/52 overall
– beat 4 men’s novice boats

Silver Arrow 13:36
– 8th of all college NW2s
– 40/52 overall
– beat 2 NW1s

Nimbus 2000 12:39
– 1st of all college NW3s
– 26/52 overall
– beat 1 men’s novice boat, 9 NW1s, 11 NW2s

Firebolt 13:39
– only NW4 entered
– 41/52 overall
– beat 2 NW1s, 7 NW2s and 2 NW3s

Winter Head

W1 10:23
– 3rd of all Cambridge colleges in all W8+ divisions
– 5th of all women’s VIIIs

W2 11:38
– 5th of student novice women’s IVs
– 7th of Cambridge college women’s IVs (including first IVs)

Comet 260 12:50
– 2nd of 3 Cambridge colleges in student beginner division
– 7/11 in student beginner division

Silver Arrow 13:20
– 10/11 in student beginner division

Queen’s Ergo Competition

Comet 260
– 4/36 in upper division, split 1:54.8
– 3/15 in final, split 1:54.2

Silver Arrow
– 30/36 in upper division, split 2:04.2
– 7th of all W2 crews

Nimbus 2000
– 8/25 in lower division, average split 2:05.1
– 2/5 of all W3 crews

Senior crew (joint with Girton)
– 10/15 in senior division, Murray Edwards average split 1:47.1

MECBC 2011-2012

Video by our lovely alumna Eve Bonner, capturing the many highlights of this year. Looking forward to seeing old and new faces in Michaelmas 2012!

Results 2011-2012

May Bumps

W1: bumped Emmanuel II, Sidney Sussex, Pembroke II, finished 3rd in division 2.
W2: bumped Newnham III, Clare Hall, Emmanuel III, finished 13th in division 3.
W3: got on, bumped Trinity Hall III, Clare III, Pembroke IV, Selwyn III, finished 11th in division 4.

Nines Regatta

W2: won Womens’ 2nd division, beating
Christs W2 (3 lengths)
Corpus W1 (easily)
Queens W2 (2.5 lengths)

Champs Head

W1: 2nd in Mays 2nd division (6:03.5)
W2: 1st in Mays 3rd division (6:20.8)
W3: 2nd in Mays 4th division (6:36.7)

Spring Head 2 Head

W1: 1st in Mays 2nd division (1st race 6:22, 2nd race 7:29)

Lent Bumps

W1 – bumped Girton and Churchill, finishing 1st in W2 division
W2 – bumped Clare Hall and Hughes Hall II, finishing 10th in W3 division

Robinson Head (shortened due to ice)

W3 – 5:29 fastest women’s lower boat (faster than all W2 and W3)

Pembroke Regatta

1st round – beat Emmanuel W1
2nd round – knocked out by Selwyn W1

1st round – knocked out by Caius W2

Winter Head 2 Head

W1: 1st in Mays 2nd division (1st race 7:48, 2nd race 8:49)

Fairbairns Cup

W1 17:08.90
– Winner of Womens’ Invitational Senior VIIIs, receiving a shield
– 3rd of Womens’ College Senior VIIIs

W2 20:37.70
– beating Addenbrooke’s W1

Calypso 12:09.30
– 10th of all college NW1s
– 12/56 overall
– beat 15 men’s novice boats (incl Trinity Hall and Darwin NM1)

Athena 13:18.50
– 6th of all college NW2s
– 32/56 overall
– beat 7 NW1 and 4 NM1

Artemis 14:25.80
– 6th of all college NW3s
– 50/56 overall
– beat 1 NW1, 2 NW2s

Winter Head

W1 9:50
– 1st of all Cambridge colleges in all W8+ divisions
– Winners of women student novice division, receiving engraved hip flasks

W2 11:42
– 16/18 in women student novice division

Calypso 12:15
– 3rd of 7 Cambridge colleges in student beginner division
– 11/17 in student beginner division

Athena 13:10
– 6th of 7 Cambridge colleges in student beginner division
– 15/17 in student beginner division

Queen’s Ergo Competition

7pm crew
– 6/37 in upper division, split 1:55.5
– 9/13  in finalists, split 1:57.3

5pm crew
– 13/37 in upper division, split 1:58.6
– 11/13 in finalists, split 1:58.7

8pm crew
– 11/24 in lower division, average split 2:06.3
– 4/10 of all W3 crews

Senior crew (joint with Girton)
– 5/13 in senior division

Results 2010-2011

May Bumps W1, W2

W1 – bumped Darwin, Anglia Ruskin, Robinson and Jesus II, finishing 6th in division 2.
W2 – bumped Darwin II, Addenbroke’s, Jesus III and St Edmund’s, finishing 16th in division 3.

The club also won the Pegasus Cup.

Champs Head W1, W2

W1 – 6:10.51 – 2nd in Mays W2 division, 4th out of all college womens crews.
W2 – 6:37.58 – 1st in Mays W4 division, beating 8 W1 crews and 11 men’s crews.


W1 – 21:38.22, finished 146/296

Lent Bumps W1, W2

W1 – Bumped Jesus II, Sidney Sussex, LMBC II and Emmanuel II to finish 3rd in division 2
W2 – Bumped by Lucy Cav II, Bumped by Girton II, Bumped by Fitz II, Rowed over to finish bottom in division 3

Lent Getting On Race W2, W3

W2 got on – starting at 15th in the 3rd division
W3 – 11:57.2

Pembroke Regatta W1

1st Round – Beat Sidney Sussex W1 (04:07)
2nd Round – Beat Corpus W1 (04:10)
3rd Round – knocked out by Emmanuel W1 (04:01)

Fairbairns Cup

Senior Races postponed to early 2010 as river was frozen.

Novices (Race shortened due to ice on the river)

Comply or Die
10/52 time 8:37.8

Mr Frisky
33/52 time 9:47.0
– 8th of all College 2nd novices

Really Fast Horse
38/52 10:05.5
– 2nd of all College 3rd novices

39/52 10:08.6
– the only 4th novices in the entire women novice division, beating 1st novices of Homerton, Girton, St Edmunds

Winter Head
W1 time 10:14
– 8th of all Cambridge colleges in all W8+ divisions
– joint 1st out of 8 Cambridge colleges in student novice division
– joint 2nd out of 15 in student novice division

Comply or Die time 12:09
– 2nd of 7 Cambridge colleges in student beginner division
– 6th out of 13 in student beginner division

Mr Frisky time 13:10
– 10th of 13 in student beginner division

Really Fast Horse time 13:32
– 12th of 13 in student beginner division

Queen’s Ergo Competition
Novice W1
– 9/35 in upper division first round, time 1:55.8
– 9th overall in finalists, average time 1:55.2
– Lizzie Gorton 10th fastest individual
Novice W2
– 30/35 in upper division first round, average time 2:05.0 (joint 7th of all W2 crews)
Novice W3
– 4/17 in lower division, average time 2:05.9 (1st of all W3 crews)

Uni IVs
– knocked out Corpus in first round (3 lengths)
– knocked out by Emmanuel (finalists) in second round (3 lengths)

Results 2009-2010

Results 2009/2010
Race Boat Result
May Bumps 1st VIII 1st day: bumped Fitz
2nd day: rowed over
3rd day: bumped Homerton
4th day: bumped LMBC II
2nd VIII 1st day: bumped Homerton II
2nd day: bumped FaT III
3rd day: bumped Churchill II
4th day: rowed over
Champs Head W1 1st in division, 4th overall
time – 5:29.9
St. Radegund’s Mile W1 2nd
time – 6:10
WEHoRR W1 placed 116th/289
time – 21:06.54
Lent Bumps W1 1st day: bumped Anglia Ruskin
2nd day: bumped Pembroke II
3rd day: bumped Robinson
4th day: bumped Fitzwilliam
Pembroke Regatta W1 1st Round – Beat Queens’ W1
2nd Round – knocked out by First and Third W1
Newnham Short Course W2 8/13 lower boats
Winter Head to Head W1 2nd in division (14th Women’s VIII) time: 16.34
Fairbairns 2009 W1 VIII 11th in Student Women’s Senior VIIIs time: 16:59.96
W1 IV+ 5th in Student Women’s Senior IVs time: 13:21.42
Novice A 16/53 time: 12.03.28
Novice B 43/53 time: 13.11.30
Novice C (invitational) 46/59 time: 13.07.99
Winter Head 2009 W1 9th in Student Novice 8+ division time: 11.34
Novice A 6th in Student Beginner 8+ time 12.47
Novice B 13th in Student Beginner 8+ time: 14.36
Queens’ Ergo Competition Novice A 11th in women’s upper division
Izzi Boanas-Evans 11th fastest individual