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Wednesday 13 June – Friday 15 June 2012
W3 starting 16th in W4 division, racing at 2:30pm
W2 starting 16th in W3 division, racing at 4pm
W1 starting 6th in W2 division, racing at 5:30pm

Saturday 16 June 2012
W3 racing at 12:30pm
W2 racing at 2pm
W1 racing at 3:30pm

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GoR 2012 – W3

Gloomy and cold as usual, plus extremely windy. We had a strong rolling start and pushed hard to keep the boat sat in the choppy water. But at the corner near the Plough, finally the wind took the control blowing W3 right to the bank. We didn’t panic and started off again from front stop with 3 draws, 5 winds, 10 lengths and a few more strokes… and we overtook Sidney Sussex III ! Definitely one of a kind racing pieces with an happy ending– we got on May Bumps Division IV. Let’s bump!

Lufei Zhang, W3, bow

Nines Regatta from the Cox’s seat

Georgie Field, W2 cox

Regattas are always challenging for a cox; keeping an eye on the other crew as motivation for your own rowers, making sure you get the best line whilst avoiding leaving your station and clashing blades with your opposition… however, Nines was awesome!

Marshaling was surprisingly simple, except from the insistence of marshals to make us spin on the narrowest parts of the river. The racing was well organised so there wasn’t too much hanging around and spirits were high as we sat eating haribos in between races.

W2 attacked each race with gusto (yes I just said gusto) and it paid off. Our starts were very fast meaning that we could get ahead early on and psyche out the opposition. It also meant that I could move across the river to get the best line around corners, leaving the other crew to fight through our dirty water. The crew responded well to “two seat moves” and power 10s, including some motivational calls dedicating each stroke to each member of the crew. We finished off our final against Queens with ‘hammer time’ and took tankards home for the second time in two weeks.

So proud of w2, they worked really hard and made coxing Nines really enjoyable, go and have a rest- you have deserved it, and watch out Cambridge, bumps is approaching… xx

Race video:

 round 1 – beat Christs W2
 round 2 – beat Corpus W1
 round 3 – beat Queen's W2 (2.5 lengths)
 winner of women Div B

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Champs Head 2012 W1 report

Marina Steketee, W1, 5
After a very successful Head to Head race for W1 in which we came first in our division, we were determined to end the Champs Head race with even better results. The weather was windier than we would have liked but the presence of the sun was enough to get us fully into racing mode as we rowed down to the lock for marshalling. As we were sat waiting for the division to go off, the wind was getting steadily more powerful, prompting a lot of discussion from the crew as to how we should deal with this during the race. After a long period of waiting, we were finally pushing off and making our way to the start line.

The start was not as clean as we liked. It was definitely not helped by the man who called it; i.e. practically whispered “go” as we were sat at front stops. We quickly regained our focus, though, and fully geared up into our race pace as we approached Ditton Corner. Around the corner we were met with a barrage of wind, prompting Chloe to remind us to sit tall and drive with the legs. Our piece down the reach was messy due to the choppy water, and exhausting, but we kept it up and got ready for a “mental re-start” under the railway bridge. The boat speed visibly picked up at this point, and we kept powering all the way through to the finish line.

Despite being in the windiest division of the day, W1 came second in their division by 2 seconds. This was not the result we had been hoping for, but still proved that MECBC are able to perform in less than ideal conditions. Bring on Bumps!


W1 – time – 6:03.5

-2nd in Mays 2nd division behind King’s (6:01.5)

-7th of college W1’s behind Downing (5:52.6), Queens’, Christ’s, Emma, Newnham and King’s

                -beat 12 other W1’s (Clare, Pembroke, Jesus, Caius, FaT, Churchill, Selwyn, Sidney, Hughes/Lucy, Robinson, Wolfson and Clare Hall)

-8 of the boats W1 beat today are ahead of them in May Bumps, 7 in the 1st division, 4 are in the top 10, and Pembroke is second from the headship

                                W1 beat a crew who is 21 places ahead of them in May Bumps

-beat 9 men’s crews

-beat last year’s W1 Champs Head time of 6:10.5

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Champs Head 2012 W2 report

Harriet Christie, W2, seat 3

Some last minute crew changes and relatively few outings as a complete crew were not able to stop W2's determined course to victory on this beautifully sunny May morning. A nice neat row down and some promising practice starts had the crew excited and eager to prove themselves. We knew the race was short, and so we would have to give our all right from the beginning, and all nine crew members were ready to do just that.

We went off with a good fast start and attacked the race head on. Georgie guided an excellent first corner, calling names individually for that extra push to bring us around. Rounding the bend, we hit the headwind, but managed to keep our drive speed up by staying loose and relaxed through the pressure. Calls along the way kept us focused and pushing hard, and there were some excellent pickups on the Reach and a particularly good change under the railway bridge coming into the last 500 metres of the course. We were gaining fast on Girton, giving us all that extra motivation to catch them, and heard Matt, our coach, calling '5 lengths!', '3 lengths', '1 length!!' (speckled with some slightly less restrained language), until as we were just crossing the finish line we had managed to were overlapping by about half a length.

It was an excellent performance from every single crew member and the success of the day really lifted the crew and gave us some confidence in our abilities. Now we will use this lift to get us training hard for bumps, where hopefully we can continue to rule the river! Well done W2!

Results: W2 – time – 6:20.8

-1st in Mays 3rd division – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

-1st of college W2’s

                -beat 13 other W2’s (Downing, Newnham, Emma, Jesus, Christ’s, Queens’, Caius, Selwyn, FaT, Girton, King’s, Sidney and Hughes/Lucy)

-beat 7 W1’s (FaT, Churchill, Selwyn, Hughes/Lucy, Robinson, Wolfson and Clare Hall)

-17 of those boats are ahead of W2 in May Bumps, 6 in the 2nd division, 3 in the 1st division

                -FaT W1 is 12th on the river in May Bumps, MECBC W2 is 50th (16th in 3rd division), W2 beat a crew who is 38 places ahead of them in May Bumps

-beat 3 men’s crews

-beat last year’s W2 Champs Head time of 6:37.6

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Champs Head 2012 W3 report

Laura Desert, W3, 4 Champs Head 2012

The weather was beautiful and very warm as we marshalled all the way down to the lock. Spirits were high, and were kept high by the motivational speeches of coaches Pete and Rich. As we were marshalling, someone's oar did come out of their gate though, so we were extra wary of tightening them before the race. Only as we were marshalling did we realise we would have to do a standing start, but the practice start we did before the lock was good enough to get our confidence up.


We were off to a strong start, and cox Christina took a good line around Ditton corner as we powered through onto a windy reach. Our speed kept us going however, and we settled into a steady race rhythm, punctuated by extra hard pushes for ten, called by Christina.


This race was a particularly enjoyable one for me, having been in Robinson Head last term, when we had to marshal for more than an hour in the freezing cold weather. Today was not only sunny, but our crew really came together and produced some fine rowing.


Bring on May Bumps !

Results: W3 – time – 6:36.7

-2nd in Mays 4th division behind Tit Hall W3

-2nd of college W3’s behind Tit Hall W3

                -beat 3 other W3’s (Pembroke, LMBC and Queens’)

-beat 10 W2’s (Newnham, Emma, Jesus, Caius, Selwyn, FaT, Girton, King’s, Sidney, Hughes/Lucy)

-tied with 1 W1, beat 2 other W1’s (Robinson – tied, beat Wolfson and Clare Hall)

-WHEN W3 gets on into May Bumps, at least 11 of the boats they beat today will be ahead of them, 7 in the 3rd division, 4 in the 2nd division

                W3 was only 5 seconds off the time of a Mays 1st division boat (Selwyn W1)

beat last year’s W2 Champs Head time of 6:37.6

                -last year we didn’t even have a W3 to enter in Champs Head

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Lent Bumps Day 4 W1

Emma, W1 four

Four starts, three races, two row overs and one bump – a challenging and memorable final day for W1.

Setting out to marshal for our first race chasing Churchill at the top of the second division, the crew had rage – and lots of it, not for Churchill, but for Peterhouse who had narrowly evaded our bump for the past two days. Our revenge plan seemed simple enough – bump Churchill, race again at the bottom of the first division, and bump Peterhouse back down to sandwich boat. Easy. Or not, as it turned out.

As the cannon went for the start of the second division, we powered into our start, eager to catch Churchill as soon as possible. They weren't going to give it us easily though, and the whistles did not come as fast as we had hoped. When three whistles finally became continuous, we pushed into the last few strokes, determined not to let them pull away. They didn't, and we won our second bump of the week.

As we rowed back to the marshalling point for our next race at the bottom of the first division, we were delighted with our greenery, but thinking ahead to our coming 'revenge row' against Peterhouse. After a break of Haribo eating and watching the men's second division race past, it was time for us to row back up to the start – all the way to the lock, since we were now at the end of the division. As we waited for the cannons, there were mixed feelings of nerves, anger and excitement, and as Mark gave us our pre-race talk, we focused on the challenge ahead. The four minute cannon, the one minute cannon, pushing out, coming to front stops, and we were off. We fought hard to gain on them coming out of the start, and were down to a length when confusion set in as Georgie called for us to hold it up. Ahead of us, Selwyn and Peterhouse seemed to have stopped for no reason – what was going on? Nothing, it turned out – and with no warning, the two crews started racing again. We followed suit, but not before Peterhouse had pulled ahead by two and a half lengths. Extremely angry, we channelled our rage into an attempt at a new powerful start, but we had no chance of catching them now.

We stopped racing after they bumped Selwyn and pulled into the bank – feeling cheated at the unfairness of the situation. Mark shared our anger, and after he had had a long discussion with the marshals, it was decided that there should be a re-row.

So back we went, up to the start one more time – cold, wet, and tired, but determined to catch Peterhouse. As soon as the men's division were clear, we were back in the boat and lining up for the final cannon. Pushing out of the start we knew we had nothing to lose, and gave every stroke all that we had – but Peterhouse were stronger and fresher, and bumped Selwyn before we could get within one whistle of them.

So that was that – Peterhouse got away – but only just. We went out fighting to the bitter end, and at least now we won't be chasing them at the start of next year's lent bumps.

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Lent Bumps Day 4 W2

Christie Bates, WII, 6

After having been robbed the chance to catch Hughes Hall on 2 of the 3 days, WII was champing at the bit as we set out. There was a marked silence amongst the crew. Were we psyching ourselves into the game-day mentality? Were we so exhausted that conversation seemed too taxing? Did our kits reek to the point where we didn’t want to have to take in more air than necessary? Probably a mix of all three, but there was no doubt a gravity about us.

After one amazing practice start, the crew was roaring to go. As the seconds were being counted down by our illustrious leader, who may have displayed a slight difficulty with subtraction, the tension was palpable. We shot off at the sound of the canon, and after a dozen strokes, the piercing cry of the whistle could be heard. But this had happened before, and we knew not to be lulled into a false sense of security. We had been warned this would be a bitter fight to the end, and so we pushed on even harder, our legs searing with pain after several days of giving it our all. A symphony of whistles could be heard, and then, suddenly, it was done. We had reigned victorious, and the shrubbery would be ours for the taking (well, we had foliage, but if there had been shrubbery, we would have happily adorned ourselves accordingly).

All in all, it was an outstanding week. While our results display a categorical improvement, more importantly, the crew as a whole became more satisfied with our performance as the week drew to a close. WELLL HARD GIRLS!!! WII, WE DID IT!!!

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Lent Bumps Day 3 W1

Reana Maier, W1, seat 5

Day 3 of Bumps, and after yesterday’s gut-wrenching row-over, W1 is facing the unpleasant prospect of chasing Peterhouse W1 again. The day is bright and sunny, however, perfect for our bumping shades. Re-rows in both the M4 and W3 division cause delays, and we spend an unusual amount of time marshalling on the reach. Before finally heading up to the starting stations, we got the pleasant task of giving a raucous cheer to our W2 as they row past, decked out in greenery signalling their first bump of the week.

The row up has a decent lift and good cover, and we’re feeling nervous but determined. We know what we need to do, but we also know that Peterhouse isn’t going to make it easy. When the starting gun goes, we make a good start, then try to settle into the long, powerful strokes that will inexorably close the gap. The row today is more spirited, more controlled and more committed than yesterday’s. We slowly gain on them, getting single whistles, then two, then three, even continuous whistles signalling overlap, but each time we squeeze close, they manage to slip away. By the time we’re on the long reach closing in on the railway bridge, we’ve had continuous whistles three times, but haven’t caught them. We chase them closely all the way to the finish line for another heartbreaking row over. The crew is frustrated and angry, but we know Peterhouse had to fight tooth and nail with everything they had to stay those few inches ahead of us. I have a feeling this is a race that’s going to stick in our minds for a long time.

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Lent Bumps Day 3 W2

Gaby Rimmer, W2, 5.

What a glorious day for W2. The sun was out and our spirits were high, everyone keen to get some bumping action after two days of tiring row overs. Chasing Clare Hall and being chased by Anglia Ruskin we set off. We pushed hard and strong and took down Clare Hall just after the motorway bridge. First bump ever and it felt good! We may have been the cause of Clare Hall's boat getting stuck in a marshy bank but nothing could bring our happiness levels down as we rowed back to the boathouse with all our greenery, singing out ABBA, Queen and S Club 7 tunes. Bring on Hughes Hall tomorrow!

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