Murray Edwards Mondays

Mondays are now reserved for MECBC members! 

This doesn’t prevent you from going out on other days but since we won’t be taking any external bookings, MECBC have absolute priority. 

Get sculling!! 

Boatie love, 

Akiko xx

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W3 Squad Outings from Monday 16 May

cox – Sophie
row – Jess Rae, Jenny T, Charlotte, Bex, Melissa, Bethan, Roki, Brigid
coaches – Reana, Chloe

cox – Aj
row – Sophie, Yaping, Tehnuka, Jenny T, Brigid, Katie, Bethan, Melissa
coaches – Ola, Marina

cox – Aj
row – Jess Rae, Charlotte, Bex, Roki, Yaping, Tehnuka, Sophie, Katie
coaches – Ying or Eve

Head to Head 2011

At the start of May W1 competed in the Head to Head, which involves rowing two legs of 2k (spinning in between). This race was a chance for us to see how much we had developed as a crew, having had a big reshuffle after the Easter Vacation. Overall we did quite well, beating a few other W1 crews such as King’s and First and Third. Most importantly, however, we showed that after only a few outings together we have a solid basis to build up on as we continue training this term.

Training camp

The week before term began, 2 boats worth of Murray Edwards rowers braved the cold and flooding to get a jump-start on Lents training.With a week that included daily outings and land training (if you’ve ever wondered how many people you can fit in Murray Edwards gym, I think we were close to finding out!), a personal highlight was an afternoon off to head to the bright lights of London town. Cupcakes were tested, Covent Garden explored, Oxford Street plundered. The Victoria Apollo was home to our evening entertainment; Wicked!

Let the planning begin for the pre-Mays camp and trip to the Boat Race,

Eve xx

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