Champs Head 2012 W2 report

Harriet Christie, W2, seat 3

Some last minute crew changes and relatively few outings as a complete crew were not able to stop W2's determined course to victory on this beautifully sunny May morning. A nice neat row down and some promising practice starts had the crew excited and eager to prove themselves. We knew the race was short, and so we would have to give our all right from the beginning, and all nine crew members were ready to do just that.

We went off with a good fast start and attacked the race head on. Georgie guided an excellent first corner, calling names individually for that extra push to bring us around. Rounding the bend, we hit the headwind, but managed to keep our drive speed up by staying loose and relaxed through the pressure. Calls along the way kept us focused and pushing hard, and there were some excellent pickups on the Reach and a particularly good change under the railway bridge coming into the last 500 metres of the course. We were gaining fast on Girton, giving us all that extra motivation to catch them, and heard Matt, our coach, calling '5 lengths!', '3 lengths', '1 length!!' (speckled with some slightly less restrained language), until as we were just crossing the finish line we had managed to were overlapping by about half a length.

It was an excellent performance from every single crew member and the success of the day really lifted the crew and gave us some confidence in our abilities. Now we will use this lift to get us training hard for bumps, where hopefully we can continue to rule the river! Well done W2!

Results: W2 – time – 6:20.8

-1st in Mays 3rd division – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

-1st of college W2’s

                -beat 13 other W2’s (Downing, Newnham, Emma, Jesus, Christ’s, Queens’, Caius, Selwyn, FaT, Girton, King’s, Sidney and Hughes/Lucy)

-beat 7 W1’s (FaT, Churchill, Selwyn, Hughes/Lucy, Robinson, Wolfson and Clare Hall)

-17 of those boats are ahead of W2 in May Bumps, 6 in the 2nd division, 3 in the 1st division

                -FaT W1 is 12th on the river in May Bumps, MECBC W2 is 50th (16th in 3rd division), W2 beat a crew who is 38 places ahead of them in May Bumps

-beat 3 men’s crews

-beat last year’s W2 Champs Head time of 6:37.6

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Lent Bumps Day 4 W2

Christie Bates, WII, 6

After having been robbed the chance to catch Hughes Hall on 2 of the 3 days, WII was champing at the bit as we set out. There was a marked silence amongst the crew. Were we psyching ourselves into the game-day mentality? Were we so exhausted that conversation seemed too taxing? Did our kits reek to the point where we didn’t want to have to take in more air than necessary? Probably a mix of all three, but there was no doubt a gravity about us.

After one amazing practice start, the crew was roaring to go. As the seconds were being counted down by our illustrious leader, who may have displayed a slight difficulty with subtraction, the tension was palpable. We shot off at the sound of the canon, and after a dozen strokes, the piercing cry of the whistle could be heard. But this had happened before, and we knew not to be lulled into a false sense of security. We had been warned this would be a bitter fight to the end, and so we pushed on even harder, our legs searing with pain after several days of giving it our all. A symphony of whistles could be heard, and then, suddenly, it was done. We had reigned victorious, and the shrubbery would be ours for the taking (well, we had foliage, but if there had been shrubbery, we would have happily adorned ourselves accordingly).

All in all, it was an outstanding week. While our results display a categorical improvement, more importantly, the crew as a whole became more satisfied with our performance as the week drew to a close. WELLL HARD GIRLS!!! WII, WE DID IT!!!

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Lent Bumps Day 3 W2

Gaby Rimmer, W2, 5.

What a glorious day for W2. The sun was out and our spirits were high, everyone keen to get some bumping action after two days of tiring row overs. Chasing Clare Hall and being chased by Anglia Ruskin we set off. We pushed hard and strong and took down Clare Hall just after the motorway bridge. First bump ever and it felt good! We may have been the cause of Clare Hall's boat getting stuck in a marshy bank but nothing could bring our happiness levels down as we rowed back to the boathouse with all our greenery, singing out ABBA, Queen and S Club 7 tunes. Bring on Hughes Hall tomorrow!

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Lent Bumps Day 2 W2

Christina, W2 Cox

Bit grey and cloudy but no rain, and not much wind!
Start went really well, but boat ahead bumped before we had a chance. Really good, solid race, pity we didn’t bump and rowed over!
Will hopefully be bumping Clare Hall tomorrow!!

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Lent Bumps Day 1 W2

Hannah Grealish, W2, 3

The row down was tense but confident as we were all excited if not slightly anxious about our first day of bumps and what on earth was going to happen to us! Weather was mild but grey although this didn’t dampen our spirits one bit.

When the cannon let off we jumped into a strong start and it wasn’t long before we could hear the whistles going from the bank as we gained on Hughes Hall II and we were all pushing our hardest (as can be seen from some beautiful photos)! Unfortunately, despite being so close to bumping we lost momentum after catching a crab and fell behind slightly. However, despite rowing flat out and tiring slightly we managed to pick it up just before the Plough and gave a final push to catch up with Hughes Hall again but unfortunately not quite bumping them.

Needless to say, we were all thoroughly shattered after an epic row over and ready for Reana’s scrumptious ginger snaps. Highlight of the day was definitely Watson’s attempt at coxing us back to the P&E, which proved surprisingly inspirational and highly entertaining.

Tomorrow Hughes Hall are going down… BOOM…and we shall adorn ourselves in lots of greenery. 😀 😀 D

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W2 May Bumps 2011 Day 2


W2 report, day 2 May bumps

Buoyed by our victory on day 1, and eager to taste success once again, even the drizzling rain could not dampen W2’s spirits on arrival at the boat house. After a long wait marshalling, we arrived at our station. With the rain dried up and the sun shining down on us we were nervous, but ready for good race.
After a strong start, we were rapidly gaining on Addenbrookes. A big push for ten strokes put us hot on their tails, and with whistles blowing in our ears, we knew it couldn’t be too much longer. We kept it strong and together and not much longer than a minute after starting, we’d done it again! Yes W2’s second bump of the week, putting us top of fourth division. As the sandwich boat between two divisions we had to row again in the third division. Feeling a little more apprehensive we resolved to give it our best shot. The aim; bump Newnham, and bump them quick. Alas, it was not to be. Newnham bumped out catching Jesus III very quickly. We pressed on, with Clare Hall and an over bump in our sights. However Clare Hall also bumped out, gaahhhh, meaning a row over for us! We kept up a strong pace and good pressure and valiantly battled on to the finish line.

Tomorrow: we remain at the top of division four so we must row over again, and then aim to bump Jesus III in the third division. Fingers crossed!

Chloe Wallis

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W2 Day 1 May Bumps 2011

The day is hot, muggy and wet. My nerves are doing cartwheels in my stomach. After the disappointments of Lent Bumps 2011 for W2, the pressure is especially on. Due to delays to the men’s division, we have a lengthy marshalling at Chesterton before arriving at the starting post with quite literally four minutes to spare. We observe our target, Darwin II, and then we are pushed into the middle for those few awful seconds awaiting that awful cannon blast. KABOOM! “Build one, build two!” screams our cox Chloe as we power through our carefully prepared start. Another 8 builds later and I force myself to look at the boat chasing us, Sidney II, is being pushed into the distance. Then during out power for ten I hear BEEEP BEEEP and then about a second later BEEEP BEEEP BEEEEEP!! We’re gaining on Darwin fast until the continuous whistles sound seemingly forever in our ears (as it turns our Darwin’s cox did not concede until she was reprimanded by an umpire). We bumped! And after a mad, fumbling scramble to park, the elation hits and for the first time I finally get to wear some greenery! Day one is over in just over a minute and now I am more than rearing to go for the next.
Eleanor Dickinson

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W2 Champs Head 2011

Our hearts sank as we arrived at the boathouse to be met by hurricane conditions. However, we W2 girls are made of sterner stuff and were resolved to fight back against the blustering wind, power through the stroke, and just generally row really good and all that.

Despite the wind, the row down the river to marshal was uneventful, and our spirits were lifted by the abundance of liquorice allsorts, courtesy of Eve, which got us through the seemingly endless wait under the motorway bridge. After this wait, we proceeded to the start line.

Then we were off! After a strong start, we raced around the corner only to be met with a wall of wind! However, we were prepared and the power remained strong (both epically and manly so). We battled on gallantly down the reach, I crying out calls from my carefully prepared race plan- which to my immense delight, did not blow away straight into stroke’s faces [Ying: it was a head wind, would have blown off the other way!]. A few (painful) minutes later and the finish line was in sight (which I observantly informed the crew of). Spurred on by this knowledge, we made a final sprint to the end, finishing completely exhausted, but with an intact boat and no crabs caught. And to add to that, a generally solid performance from everyone all round. We returned with heads held high and ready for some more action. Bring on bumps!

–report by Chloe Wallis (cox) and Eleanor Dickinson (stroke)

Result: winner of W4 division, beating 8 W1 crews and 11 men's crews overall, time 6:38

taken and made by Eve Bonner

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