Results 2016-2017

W1 raced in the Novice Academic category: 179/295 (from starting position of 309) 21:41.3

Lent Bumps
W1: up 3, bumped Girton, Pembroke, and Emmanuel.
W2: down 4, bumped by Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav W2, Queens’ W2, FaT W2, Jesus W3.
W3: up 1, bumped Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav W3.

Pembroke Regatta
W1 lost to Churchill W1 by 1.5 lengths
W2 won against Homerton W2 easily, lost to Emmanuel W2 by 2 lengths

Newnham Short Course
W3 achieved a time of 9:20, 4th of all W3s, beating 2 W2s and 1 W1 crews

Winter Head to Head
W1 Leg 1: 8:15.9, Leg 2: 9:00.1. Total time 17:16.0. 9/11 of Lents 1st division (crabs!)
W2 Leg 1: 9:07.4, Leg 2: 13:41.8. Total time 22:49.2. 10/10 of Lents 3rd division (crashed)

Fairbairns Cup
W1- 18:34.1 – 18th of W1s – 22th overall
W2- 19:29.7 – 4th of W2s – 30th overall
JK Rowling – 13:02.3 – 18th of NW1s – 24th overall
Cleopatra- 13:44.7 – 21th of NW2s – 59th overall
Beyonce – 15:44.5 – 3rd of NW3s – 38th overall

Clare Novices’ Regatta
Cleopatra – Lost against Pembroke

Winter Head
W1- 10th – 10:57 – 10th of Cambridge colleges W1s
W2- 16th – 12:58 – 16th of Cambridge colleges, 4th of W2s

Queen’s Ergo Competition
JK Rowling proceeded to the final

Fairbairns 2016: Novice crew Cleopatra

1st of December 2016. It was the final race that we had been preparing for all term so it was obviously exciting for us as a crew. However, since some of our own crew members could not make it to the race because of other commitments, the captains had to find other novices to sub for them, and while this meant that we had not had prior training as a full crew before, it was still great because it meant that we had a full crew to race in Fairbairns.

The weather had been particularly chilly the day before the race and most of us had expected it to continue into the day of the race, but fortunately, the weather took a nice turn and the sun came out just as we were about to set off. I rowed in the number 5 position on bow-side, and although I prefer to row on the stroke-side, having rowed on both sides through the term while subbing in other crews made me confident enough to be able to switch sides as needed.

We were off to a great start once the race began – the cox said we were rowing at around 27 spm. However, one of the crew who had not rowed with us before ended up crabbing three times through the race, and since she was not able to get her blade back after continued effort and all of bow four dropping out, we had to stop rowing every time and start over, which meant that we didn’t end up doing nearly as well as we would have liked to. However, the team spirit shown by the entire crew in the boat was incredible, and we pushed ourselves to row on, motivating each other to catch up with the boats around us, and I believe we nearly did.

It was a great experience overall, and while it might not seem like we did well to someone who hadn’t seen us on the river, I know that all of us feel like we gave our best.

Neeraja Bhamidipati

Crews Michaelmas 2016

Cox – Emily Busvine
S – Joey Skinner
7 – Nadia Blackshaw
6 – Lily Stratford
5 – Amanda Sjodahl
4 – Heather Dudley
3 – Felicity Parker
2 – Taine Ranaghan
B – Clarrie Pettit
Coach – Mark Jacobs

Cox – Georgia Semple
S – Paivi Pirhonen
7 – Barley Collier
6 – Lisa Kreusser
5 – Tina Muller
4 – Helena Knowles
3 – Therese Herling
2 – Anthea Chui
B – Yue Wu
Coaches – Robert Gardiner, Sarah Williams

Novice Crews

J K Rowling
Cox – Alice Levin
Annabel van Daalen
Jessica Thrower
Juliet Thompson
Leanne  Hagger
Miranda Nicholson
Miriam Quinn
Tilly Farmery
Vaka Valsdottir

Coach – Emily Busvine

Cox – Chloe Legard
Clara Percival
Friederike Dobler
Holly Philipps
Kaitlynn Saldanha
Neeraja Bhamidipati
Rebecca Murta
Rijak Grover
Vanessa Cheung
Coach – Päivi Pirhonen

Cox – Emily Larcombe
Bethany Cross
Caroline Grint
Danielle Oxborrow
Eileen Chen
Heather Smith
Issy Pearce-Mason
Katherine Wong
Yue Zhang
Coach – Taine Ranaghan

Marie Curie
Cox – Soline Doyle
Amber Williams
Esther Tan
Jade Leung
Jennie Camps
Katie McCalla
Lisa Al-Faradzh
Run Zhao
Catherine Mullier
Selma Skov Høye
Coach – Päivi Pirhonen


May Bumps 2016: Day 4 W3 Race Report

As it was the final day of bumps, W3 were in high and hopeful spirits on the row down. Throughout the week, our row downs had been solid and improving with each day; Saturday was no exception. The weather was slightly cooler than it had been for the past week which bode well for the anticipated conclusion of a row-over. Everyone was still relieved, however, that Lulu’s warning of thunder and lightning wasn’t realised.

Race time! Having moved one place further away from being right next to the cannon, we were fully prepared for the bang and as a result we executed one of our best starts yet. We knew our only chance of a bump would be to try and catch King’s W2 before they caught Fitz W2. Unfortunately, despite a terrific start and settling into a strong rhythm, King’s caught Fitz very quickly, causing us to take a wide line around grassy corner. At this point, we knew we were in it for the long run but got much satisfaction from pulling further and further away from Christ’s W3 with each stroke. It was an exhausting row but one to be proud of.

Upon finishing the row over, it is safe to say that the whole of W3 were extremely proud of themselves and the crew, despite not managing to bump King’s. It was the furthest we had ever rowed at race pace (which we kept up with ferocity and pride even as, behind us, Christ’s were eventually bumped). It was a fantastic and satisfying conclusion to the end of an immensely fun and rewarding bumps campaign. Our wonderful coach topped off the afternoon by whipping out the prosecco that we all enjoyed back at the boathouse.

Here’s to next year’s bumps! WELL HARD

Hope Mason, 7

May Bumps 2016: Day 3 W2 Race Report

The sun was out again and perfect rowing weather greeted us today. After yesterday’s strong row-over where we held Trinity Hall at comfortable distance behind us over the whole course we felt confident that this day was OUR day. To finally get our first bump, chasing Christ’s W2, just as our W3 bumped their W3 today.

Our division was delayed due to some carnage and re-row before and we entertained ourselves with some team weight-lifting exercises at our marshalling station (everyone can lift their cox, but we can lift our coach!). Our row-up felt strong, we were winding it up beautifully on the Reach and had a powerful, controlled practise start at the Plough. We felt confident to get that bump on Christ’s, and wanted to get it quickly. We felt the excitement, and the energy from all the Haribos we munched on when waiting for our row-up longer than usual.

To regain the lost time the 4-minute canon went off earlier than we expected, when we were not yet tucked in to our station. Slight panic could be felt in the boat after the 4-minute gun, and nervous excitement in anticipation of bumping today. After the start canon went off, we had a beautiful start with controlled powerful draws and winds. In contrast to Thursday, we didn’t quite manage to find a composed, sustainable rhythm straight away. We gained on Christ’s continuously, but not as quickly as we would have hoped. We had one whistle at first post corner, realised that we had to work harder to bump and finally managed to settle into a more powerful rhythm. We continuously gained on Christ’s from that point on. Encouraged by continuous whistles and the cheering crowd at Grassy Corner we managed to bump up on Christ’s W2 just out of the corner. Clearing away quickly and hugely pleased with our success we watched the division go past and then finally crossed over to get our first greenery and celebrate!

On the row home we proudly showed our greenery, sat up and looked strong, enjoyed the sun and the cheers from the bank. Tomorrow is the last day of Bumps and we are back to where we started from on day 1, station 4 chasing LMBC. We gained on them the first day, so we are confident to catch them today. It will be an exciting last race and we will give it our all.

Anna, now you know how it feels to bump! Let’s do it again!

Manuela Gross, stroke

May Bumps 2016: Day 3 W1 Race Report

The last two days had been tough on our W1 crew and we were especially ready for a revenge bump after the technical bump awarded to Trinity Hall yesterday. This time in our row up, there was a definite focus and will for that bump to come our way today. The weather was beautiful again and we had a nice solid practice start outside the Plough before taking our station between Homerton and Trinity Hall.

Before we knew it, the 4 and 1 minute cannons had gone and we were poised ready for the gun. Bang! Off we went, pushing hard through the draws and winds. Behind us it was clear that Homerton W1 had pushed off to a quick start. After a few strokes, Homerton were still pushing up on us steadily and we, as a crew, began to try and work together to push them away even harder. As we approached First Post corner, Homerton had 2 whistles on us but we were not going to let this go easily. Rowing around the bend, saw them gain a foot, then two, and before we knew it, the bump came just before Grassy.

The row had been short and we had all put everything we had into it, but today Homerton were just faster and more efficient. It was another hard day for us, our third time being bumped but we are Murray Edwards W1 and will not go down easily. Tomorrow is a new day and now we have even more passion and drive to push through for a bump or a row over. We will not let the past days hold us back or give in to our disappointment. No, we are going to go hard or die trying tomorrow and remind everyone who we are and what we can do. Well Hard!!!

Nadia Blackshaw, bow

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