Joining MECBC as a senior rower


Due to the condensed nature of Cambridge academic terms, we classify rowers/coxes as “senior” after as short as 6-8 weeks of training (one term). This means that if you have more than 8 weeks of rowing/sculling experience, and would like to join MECBC, you may prefer being in a senior crew instead of going over the basics again.

Crews/squads are set at the start of every term, in consultation with the current coaches. It will be helpful if you can attend a water outing where a coach can assess your abilities to place you in a suitable crew, as well as erging sessions.

For the 1st VIII (and often also 2nd and 3rd VIIIs), an erg test will be required. Any erg scores that you have will be appreciated, but you can always use the rowing machines in college to obtain an up-to-date score. Usually these tests are in the form of a 2K test.

For more information on the training commitment and racing schedule of each crew each term, contact the Captain of Boats at