Current Committee

Committee 2017-2018.

The Senior Treasurer of the Club is Mr Robert Gardiner.

All email address are
The entire committee can be contacted at boatclub-committee@

Captain of Club: Joanne Skinner boatclub-captain@
Captain of Boats: Felicity Parker boatclub-womens@
Vice Captain: Clarrie Pettit boatclub-vicecaptain@
Junior Treasurer: Yue Zhang boatclub-treasurer@
Secretary: Leanne Hagger boatclub-secretary@
Safety Officer: Lily Stratford boatclub-safety@
Lower Boats Captain: Issy Pearce-Mason, Taine Ranaghan boatclub-lbc@
Social Secretaries: Barley Collier,
Lily Stratford
Fundraising Officer: Bethany Cross boatclub-fundraising@
Alumnae Officer: Bethany Cross boatclub-alumnae@
Publicity Officer: Danielle Oxborrow boatclub-publicity@
Computing Officer: Alice Levin boatclub-computing@
Archives Officer: boatclub-archives@
General Members: Wing Ying Chow N/A