Blues MECBC Rowers

A list of rowers and coxes from New Hall/Murray Edwards that have gone on to cox/row for the University Boat Clubs. The Club records on this are somewhat incomplete. If you have more information, please do get in touch with our Alumnae Officer or Captain of Club.

2019 Blue Boat: Sophie Deans (2)

2012 Lightweights: Marina Steketee (b)

2011 Blue Boat: Izzi Boanas-Evans (6)*. Izzi was also President of CUWBC this year.

2010 Blue Boat: Tamara Hornik (5)*, Izzi Boanas-Evans (2)*

2003 Lightweights: Kat Gardiner (2)

2003 Blondie: Candice Chinneck (6)

2002 Blondie: Candice Chinneck

2002/2003?: Jess Evans

2000/2001?: Sophie Keay

2000 Lightweights: Ruth Kenworthy

1990 Blue Boat: Caine

1990 Men’s Blue Boat: Lisa Ross-Magenty (cox), 4th female cox for Cambridge

1990 Blondie: Culting (cox)

1989 Blue Boat: R Cane

1988 Blue Boat: L Cane, R Cane

1988 Blondie: Cliffe

1988 Goldie: Lisa Ross-Magenty (cox)

1986 Lightweights: Jackson

1986 Men’s Lightweights?: Lisa Ross-Magenty (cox)

1986 Blondie: Cane

1985 Blue Boat: Joanna Busvine

1984 Blue Boat: Caroline Ramsay

1984 Blondie: Claire Mumford

1983 Blondie?: Caroline Ramsay

1981 Blue Boat: Jill Tovey, Turpin

1981 Blondie: Cooper, Wilson

1980 Blue Boat: Sarah Hunter Jones (Olympics 1984), Sue Harris

1980 Blondie: Jill Tovey

1979 Blondie: Racheal Amherst, Rosalind Roden

1964 Blue Boat: Jean C. Anscombe (stroke), S. T. McInnes (6), A. C. Glithero (5), B. M. Loftus (3), V. R. Goldsbrough (bow)

*known to have noviced with New Hall Boat Club/Murray Edwards College Boat Club