Murray Edwards College Boat Club would like to thank the generosity of the following donors, who have enabled us to purchase new equipment for the Club. We try to ensure that donors are happy for their names to be listed below, but if you would prefer to remain anonymous, please contact the Committee.

Donations received for the 24 hour ergathon, to partly fund the purchase of a new rowing VIII in 2011

Fellows of College
Dr Alex Piotrowski
Dr Owen Saxton

Susan Carter (1968)
Donna E Etiebet (2004)
Tamara Hornik (2005)
Pauline Pilote (2010)
Akiko Toda (2007)

Family of MECBC Members
Fran Bennett
Mr and Mrs Lindsay
Mr and Mrs Oates
Tania Desert
Ms Angela Dickinson
Flora and Paul Bennett
Stephen Wallis
Jill Field
Chris and Kate Jones
Wing Shing Chow
Keith Sheldon
Mr and Mrs Swanson
Christopher Bennett
Rachel Overfield
Peter Smith
Jai Jeang-Smith
Alice Smith
Cheung Smith
Alison and Ian Appleby
Sally and Martin Wright
Cordula and Lothar Krieger
Angela Lo

Murray Edwards College Boat Club Members
Ola Janusz
Wing Ying Chow
Chloe Wallis
Teresa Krieger
Jeny Oates
Emma Jones
Stacey-Jo Parker
Sally-Anne Bennett
Marina Steketee
Holly Smith
Reana Maier
Amy Crow
Eleanor Dickinson
Jenny Tollman

Other Murray Edwards Students
Rebecca Weaving
Molly Tucker
Sophie Hollows
Beryl Pong
Lianna Francis
Fran Boait

Other Supporters
Sarah Dickinson
E Davies
Jane Snelling
Rebecca Sudgen
David Plein
Jim Driswil
D Bilakhie
M Alvinc
Surshi Crudki
Jasu Palet
Gloria Fung
David Saunders
Di Hurley
Viv Williamson
Doris Thomson
Sargeita Kane
Jude Mills
Nick Tiller
S Shan
R Blasad
Martin Sewell
Robert Watson

For a new set of Concept II cleavers in 2010

  • Clare Briegal (née Munford) (1981)
  • Jo Bushvine (1982)
  • Caroline Ramsay (1981)
  • Owen Saxton (College Fellow)
  • Laura Warren
  • Chow Family

For the double scull ‘Two Fat Ladies’ in 2008 (the first scull owned by MECBC)

  • Florence Butler (2006)