Making a Donation

There is much that youthful enthusiasm can achieve. You will remember yourself, those mornings when you cycled down to the Boat House, bright and early and hopeful. Those days when you sat on the start line, waiting for the cannon. Some of those days you wore greenery and a bright smile on your row back home.

There is still so much to learn. Juggling a full training regime and several boats of novices while trying to keep boats afloat, hire coaches, and fix equipment, all take time and money, and time is as precious in Cambridge. Many Committees try their best and are very resourceful, but ultimately running the Boat Club is a stressful and anxious process.

Here is where your help can inspire the next generation of rowers for our College. Instead of feeling isolated, with every door slammed in our face, we know that out there, our alumnae care. And for that we will row our best.

Please consider donating with our online form. In particular, I strongly urge you to consider a regular donation, which gives the Club an income that it can depend upon, meaning we will be far less affected by annual budget decisions. This will free up our time to focus on what is really important to the Club: training hard and racing well.

Donations will be acknowledged via the website, with new donors named at the end of term Dinner or Breakfast event (which you are certainly invited to attend).

I hope to hear from you soon.

Ying Chow
Captain of Club 2011-2012

Online Donation Form