Kit and stash

In order to row at MECBC, members shouldn’t require anything other than their usual active wear – no jeans, high heels, or sandals please!

During Michaelmas term, which is usually novice term, the days get gradually shorter and colder, therefore it is wise to wear layers and bring cold-weather clothing items such as woolly hats. During novice term, there are lots of boats on the Cam, meaning quite a lot of time may be spent in queues – therefore rowers should definitely be prepared for the cold and rainy, or even snowy, weather! Coxes should also wrap up warm, especially as they are not completing strenuous exercise, and also ensure they have the correct equipment from the boathouse, including cox box, life jacket, and any glasses or visors necessary. 

In Easter term, the weather is much warmer and more pleasant. Senior rowers will start rowing earlier in the morning, and may even have evening outings. Rowers and coxes should therefore prepare for sunshine, including wearing hats, sports sunglasses, and plenty of sun cream. Do not forget to stay hydrated in any season, but especially in the summer!

Each year, there is usually also opportunities to purchase MECBC rowing kit (including all-in-ones and visors), which is especially popular for those who are racing such as in Lent or May Bumps. A selection of our rowing kit can be viewed on the Godfrey website. Finally, usually once per term we design and order some kind of ‘stash’ that you can purchase, such as a crew top or sweatshirt. Apart from keeping you warm and/or stylish, it can be a great talking point among friends and family, and a keepsake to remind you of fond memories on the Cam! Any additional club purchases are of course completely optional. 

An example of W1 2021 wearing MECBC stash
The MECBC logo which usually features on items of kit and stash